Tabetha + Dewain | Trout Creek, MT

In true Hallmark movie fashion, Tabetha and Dewain met while she was a barista and he came in for a quick coffee. He greeted her with a “howdy” and she was instantly smitten. Tabetha told her friend, and coworker, that there was something about him and she could tell he was a good man. Three years later, their love story began with no end in sight. 


“Once it started, it grew fast and strong and unlike any love I’ve seen or experienced before. I often tell people our love is like the movies. The ‘that’s not real, that’s a fairytale’ kind of love. Our love truly is something so pure and beautiful.”

As a Journeyman Lineman, Dewain’s work requires a lot of travel out of both he and Tabetha. The first placed they called him was Soap Lake, WA


“We loved everything about that place. The people, the trees, the lake, the greenery. It still to this day holds a special place in our hearts.”


The two were taking a trip down memory lane in the area on Christmas Eve, also Tabetha’s birthday. They were sitting and looking at the lake when Dewain began the intro into the proposal and she knew exactly what was happening. She instantly and eagerly said “yes!” It was a very special spot that meant so much to them - the perfect place to start forever.

Tabetha had not anticipated getting her wedding dress the day she came into Charlotte’s. She had come in with a couple of friends on the day of the Sample Sale. She felt this was the best time to find her dress, not only because she didn’t know what she was looking for, but it would also be on sale! After three dresses, Tabetha tried on a Justin Alexander Designer Original ‘5882’ and it was instant tears. 


“It was beautiful. We enjoyed our time at Charlotte’s and loved the staff, as well. They made it such a fun and welcoming experience.”


Tabetha and Dewain wanted a wedding that felt like them. With family and friends all over the country, they decided on an intimate destination wedding at an AirBNB in Montana. 


“We had 30 of our closest friends and family staying with us in the beautiful home for the entire weekend. When our big day rolled around, it was 100% a team effort to get it all set up. I really wanted a DIY wedding, because I wanted it to be OUR day. Something WE created.”


It was a very special day with the ones they loved and it felt exactly how they wanted it to.

Staying true to your vision is so important to creating the wedding you and your partner want. When asked what advice Tabetha would give to other couples, she said,


“ Don’t let anyone's opinions or say change what you want. Stay true to the wedding of your dreams. And enjoy it! The day is about you and your partner. No one else. You spend months and months planning for it to go by so fast. I heard other brides say they felt like they didn’t even get to see their husbands much on their wedding day/evening and that breaks my heart. Don’t let yourself get so busy, you don’t get to see your husband and feel that way too.”


Congratulations, Tabetha and Dewain. We are so happy for you!


Vendor List:

Venue/Location: Trout Creek, Montana 

Photographer: Lily and Fern Photography