McKenna & Taylor

how it all began...

“Sneakily one night I asked the question “if you had to choose who you married right now, who would it be?” I waited in a couple minutes of suspense and finally got Taylor’s text back...


McKenna and Taylor’s friendship planted its roots back in middle school during a summer camp after a jump scare from behind a rock from an unfamiliar face led to the two realizing they had the same type of humor and quickly became best friends!


Taylor and I met at a summer camp in middle school. The summer camp was on the beach so a group of friends went to go walk on the beach. There is a giant rock that over looks the ocean, and Taylor (having never met me) jumped out from behind the rock and scared me. We were best friends ever since and started dating after that week.”


After they began dating, still living a couple cities apart, staying in touch via text message was the easiest way to communicate and they came up with a game to get to know each other better. One night, McKenna asked a question, unsure of the response she may get. 


“When Taylor and I were in middle school still living a couple cities apart we played this game over text that we creatively named “the question game.” Basically a game where the other person could ask anything they wanted and you absolutely had to respond. Sneakily one night I asked the question “if you had to choose who you married right now, who would it be?” I waited in a couple minutes of suspense and finally got Taylor’s text back saying “I guess I would choose you!”

popping the question

After eight years, Taylor knew it was time to pop the question: photoshoot style (right up McKenna’s alley as she’s a photographer!)


I am a couples/wedding photographer and one of our good friends booked a shoot with me. Coincidentally, it was at the same beach Taylor and I had met at! He called me and asked me to meet him at “the big rock down the beach.”I started the long walk down the beach to the rock, and saw Taylor on top of the rock! ”


As McKenna began the walk down the beach, she had a feeling there was more to this photoshoot than she initially thought!


“...suddenly I knew it wasn’t just a photoshoot. Taylor had set up flowers, candles, pictures of us and had champagne ready to go. We celebrated right after with a picnic and then came home to a surprise party with everyone we loved.”

saying yes to the dress!

Some have dreamed about their wedding dress since they were a little girl and some have no idea what style or look they are going for. Luckily for McKenna, Pinterest was her best friend and her stylist Ryann made finding “the one” fun and easy!


“I had looked at quite a few dresses (thank you, Pinterest!) so I had a good idea of what I wanted! I didn’t expect the experience of picking out a dress to be as fun as it was! There was champagne, a fancy robe and all my ladies! Ryann helped me find exactly what I was looking for!”


McKenna said yes to an ivory v-neck gown from Charlotte's private collection, Julia Leigh, which featured a lace bodice and a tulle skirt!

the big day

McKenna and Taylor wanted to host their ceremony somewhere that combined their shared love for the outdoors.


“We chose a venue that was outdoors in the forest. We both love being outside & this venue had space for everyone we loved!”


They even had a few special memories that made the day what it was!


“My favorite part of the day was worshiping together during our ceremony & getting down on the dance floor! There are so many memories from that day, but nothing stands out quite like walking down the aisle to your favorite person while seeing everyone else you love there.”


any advice for future brides?

“I really loved having a moment by ourselves. Weddings go by so fast, and I don’t think I fully realized that until our day was over. Spend intentional unrushed time together where you can fully enjoy each other’s presence & watch everyone you love enjoy what you worked so hard to put together.”


Congratulations McKenna + Taylor!


featured vendors:

Venue: Kohl Creek  

Photographer: Briana Lee  

Florist: Uflora  

Hair and Makeup: Abby Wurgler  

Coordinator: Robin Bernard  

Caterer: California Pizza Kitchen 

Videography: Divinity Creative 

Stationary: Workman Creative Co