Lindsey & Trevor's Summer Washington Vineyard Wedding -Underwood, WA

Lindsey and Trevor met on a blind date and kind of like going in not knowing what to expect, their July wedding plans felt the same after the pandemic hit. Instead of scratching everything and giving up their dream wedding day, they took every update thrown their way in stride and made changes where needed to create an unforgettable day!


The proposal

Lindsey said that she is definitely the planner in their relationship so Lindsey would quickly pick-up if there were any elaborate proposal plans in the works. This meant Trevor had to get creative to stay under the radar in order to really surprise Lindsey!


We were going to an Oregon State football game to watch my Alma Mater play them, my parents were joining us too, but on the way down, (I was driving, he was texting my parents) he said that my parents were running late so let's go take a walk in the park to get our step goal in (completely normal comment for us)... 


We pulled into a park in Corvallis and walked around the park to a gazebo and he was like ‘let's go dance in there’, ok why not? He spun me around and got down on one knee and asked me and I literally asked him if he was kidding."

Come to find out, her parents “running late” was all part of Trevor’s plan (and they weren’t running late at all!) They were behind a tree close by and captured their engagement all on video!

saying yes to the dress

Lindsey had an idea of some different styles that she liked but had never been dress shopping before so she wasn’t quite sure what to expect.


“We went to three stores the first day and I went in with the mindset that I was just going to try everything to get a feel for it.”


Even after trying on some gowns, Lindsey still hadn’t felt like she had found “the one” but was feeling hopeful the second day of dress shopping when she had her appointment with us!


“I told my friends in the car, today is going to be the day I can feel it! Charlotte’s was the first stop and we went around picking out five or six dresses that I thought I would like and then Shelby (stylist) brought in one last dress that she called her wildcard. We tried on all the dresses with no wins and then I stepped into the wildcard dress and instantly was like, this is it!"

"Everyone started crying and laughing. It was perfect."


Lindsey tried on around 30 dresses before coming to Charlotte’s and we are so happy that we had her dream gown waiting for her!


The dress: Lindsey wore Justin Alexander “88124” an all-over lace gown that couldn’t have been more perfect for her July wedding!

the big day

While Lindsey and Trevor were initially leaning towards a forested venue, Trevor saw the photos of Gorge Crest and they both fell in love with the view of Mount Hood. There were so many outdoor activities like hiking nearby which was a big part of their relationship so the venue ended up being the perfect fit!



Then the Covid curveball was thrown their way which brought up some obstacles that our 2020 brides can probably relate to!


“We tried to cancel but were told that if the state was allowing weddings they wouldn’t refund us our money. We were really stuck between a rock and a hard place for a long time…


We didn’t want to hold a large gathering and have anyone get sick, we also had no idea how many people we would be able to have, so we didn’t plan at all from March until June. We were told three weeks before the wedding that we could have 100 people so we decided to go for it.”



Lindsey ensured to take all of the precautions to ensure that not only could everyone be with them to celebrate their love, but also stay safe. 


“We told all guests to wear masks (I bought cute masks for the entire bridal party and parents so they were festive), the whole event was outside and we spaced the ceremony chairs out and had a seating chart so families sat together, we did the same for the reception seating no more than 6 people to a table and spacing everything really far apart which actually ended up looking beautiful.”


They never lost sight of what the day truly meant to the two of them: to celebrate their love for one another. No matter how many people could attend, they wanted to make the wedding they had planned a reality. Lindsey and Trevor were able to tie the knot on their original wedding date, 7.11.2020!


“We both wanted to be married and knew we were going to get married no matter how many people witnessed it, so everything beyond that was icing on the cake. I’m so happy that some of our family and friends were able to be there to join in on it.”


One of the highlights from their wedding day? Not only could their grandma’s attend, but that they could be their flower girls (how fun!)

What advice would you give to other brides, especially those getting married in a time like this?


"Wedding planning during a pandemic is hard, numbers are confusing and unknown until the last minute. Give yourself a break and let everything just happen, the more go with the flow the less stress you will have."


Lindsey also recommended getting a Day-Of Coordinator as they “are GOLD” (and will save you stress during the unknowns!)



Another tip? She recommends taking a moment for just the two of you together to reflect on the day, and grab a bite to eat! 


“We took a few minutes after the ceremony to sign our papers and hang out just the two of us, we had the caterer bring up some of our food so we could eat a little of it, I highly recommend doing this! It may be the only chance you get to eat!”

Congratulations Lindsey and Trevor!


Venue: Gorge Crest Vineyards

Dress: Justin Alexander (88124)

Photographer: A Bitter Orange 

Florist: Bloomsbury 

Hair and Makeup: KT & Subi Salon 

Coordinator: Debbie Bauer 

Caterer: Four and Twenty Blackbirds 

Rentals: Great Jones 

Cake: Dream Cakes 

DJ: John Ross Music 

Alterations: Andrea at August Veils (one of our recommended seamstresses!)