Kaylynn + Garrison | Sahalie Falls

In true Hallmark movie fashion, Kaylynn and Garrison first met on the bus during middle school. Fast forward, they reconnected in high school and started dating during their senior year. These two have spent seven years of adventure, love and happiness together! We wish them many, many more.

When it came time for Garrison to pop the question, he chose a picturesque beach in Belize as the backdrop for this life-changing moment. As they strolled towards dinner, a spotlight between two trees caught their attention, and Garrison seized the opportunity to ask the most important question of his life.


“He couldn't get out the full question before I shouted yes!”

Wedding dress shopping can be an emotional journey, and Kaylynn's experience was no exception. Melanie, her bridal stylist, guided her through the process. Initially, Kaylynn thought she knew exactly what she wanted, but Melanie's expertise led her to explore other options first. However, as soon as she stepped into Justin Alexander ‘88100’, emotions overwhelmed her. Tears flowed not only from Kaylynn but also from her mother, cousin, and Melanie, creating a heartfelt and unforgettable moment.

Kaylynn and Garrison's wedding day was nothing short of magical. Oregon's unpredictable weather had them concerned about rain, but the skies decided to cooperate. The rain held off until after the first look, family photos, and the ceremony. Right after the ceremony, the heavens opened up, but it did little to dampen their spirits.


The choice of their venue was deeply personal. After the engagement, Kaylynn and Garrison went hiking to Sahalie Falls and stumbled upon a couple heading down with their friends to elope. Inspired by this, they decided to find a venue close to the falls, where their guests could stay overnight, creating the perfect backdrop for their special day.

Kaylynn and Garrison's journey to their dream wedding day was filled with personal touches, heartfelt moments, and a strong focus on what truly mattered to them. Kaylynn leaves future brides with valuable advice:


"Do what you and your spouse want. Change up the 'normal' things and don't pay  attention to what everyone on social media does with their weddings. Also, private vows I highly suggest, all the pressure is taken off, and you can live in that moment."

Congratulations to Kaylynn and Garrison!



Photographer - Myrtle Creative Co.

Hair and Makeup - Kiera Sedivec

Coordinator - Jill Devillar

Rentals - Destination Events