Jessica & Alex

The Beginning

In life, sometimes the best things are the most unexpected.  Jessica & Alex’s love story was just that.  Read on for an adorable disney-inspired proposal, a pink ball gown wedding dress and a beautiful wedding full of personalized details

Jessica and Alex met through an online dating site.  Living on opposite sides of town there was no other way their paths would have crossed.

Their first date was at Olive Garden, and Alex says he knew pretty quickly that this was something special.

“Our first date was by far the greatest date I had ever had up to this point in my life. There was instant chemistry between Jessica and I. At dinner we never broke conversation, there was no awkward moments of silence, there was just constant conversation!”

“Well that was until the food arrived… I can honestly say at this point looking back that when I saw that big plate of pasta put in front of her, and the way she dug in and ate I was on my way to being in love!”

Setting Up The Proposal

 Nearly 6 years later from that first pasta moment, the chemistry the pair felt that first day never wavered but grew stronger, leading up to a perfect proposal planned by Alex.

In December of 2016, Jessica and Alex returned from a holiday to trip to the Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland!  Rather than buy each other big presents the pair had decided to make that vacation their presents and keep the holiday small with stocking stuffers.

The week before Christmas Jessica noticed Alex acting slightly out of the ordinary.

“He kept telling me: ‘This is going to be the best Christmas yet, just you wait!’”

Jessica would ask him what he had up his sleeve and he would respond telling her not to worry about it and that he was working with her sister on the perfect gift.

“My sister is extremely creative and artistic so I thought he was just getting creative, making a collage for me of all our pictures together or something like that.”


 Christmas Eve came around and Alex spent the whole day out of the house working and completely some last minute Christmas shopping, then he asked Jessica if he could borrow her car for one last Christmas errand.

“I was confused because he had been out shopping all day so what else could he need and he explained to me that my gift wouldn’t fit in his car so he needed to borrow mine.  So here I am wondering again what in the world this gift could possibly be.”

When he finally returned home Alex gave Jessica one present to open and asked her to be sure and wear it the next morning.

“I opened the gift and it was a Minnie Mouse sweatshirt.”

The next morning, Christmas day, the pair woke up early to get started on the busy day ahead.  Jessica threw on her new Minnie Mouse sweatshirt, Alex donned his Mickey Santa hat and the pair headed downstairs to start the festivities.

“The living room looked so dressed up with the Christmas tree lit, decoration on the mantle and oddly a sheet tacked up to the wall.  We sat down to go through our stockings we’d made for each other and I couldn’t help but think the whole time: ‘What is behind that sheet?’”

They finished going through their stockings and Alex let Jessica know that he has one more gift for her.  He asked her to close her eyes and not peak.

“I sat in the chair with my eyes completely shut eagerly waiting to see what was behind the sheet.”

Alex counted down from 3 and asked Jessica to open her eyes.

“My jaw dropped and tears of joy immediately filled my eyes as I saw him down on one knee in front of a hand painted Sleeping Beauty’s Castle asking me the questions I’ve only dreamed about:

“Jessica, will you be my future Mrs. Yungeberg and marry me?”

“It was such a joyous day!  Words cannot describe that moment. To this point, meeting Alex is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I can’t wait to spend Happily Ever After with him!”

Planning The Big Day

Jessica and Alex gave themselves time to enjoy being engaged.

“We took about a year and a half to plan our wedding so it wasn’t as stressful as it probably could have been.”

This timeline allowed them to curate a wedding full of personal details.

“The best part was making it our own!  If we wanted something, we made it happen.  It was our day, no one else’s.”

The pair kept themselves in mind the entire time.

“Everything we did was because it represented us in some way.  We wanted our wedding to be a big part celebrating our love for each other and that’s exactly what it was.  I wouldn’t change anything about it!”

“My favorite part of my day was just having everyone together to celebrate our love for each other! It was an amazing feeling. One that I will hold on to and cherish forever!”

The Dress

Much like meeting Alex, finding Jessica’s perfect dress was a little unexpected.  She married the love of her life wearing an Allure Romance dress.

“My consultant Ryann was so patient!  She could tell when I love dress or absolutely hated it and we’d just met!  I had originally wanted a white a-line dress but I wasn’t finding any styles that I really loved.”

After a few gowns Ryann asked Jessica to trust her and try on something a little different and brought in a brand new dress that Charlotte’s had just gotten in that morning.

“In my head I was like ‘this could be the one! It has to be!’ When she brought in the dress all I could think was ‘Please look good on me!’”

A beautiful baby pink ballgown wedding dress with a textured skirt and low back that fit Jessica like a dream.


“It was perfect!  I remember my mom saying: ‘If anyone’s going to get married in a pink ballgown, it’s going to be you!’  She was right. Ryann was right.  As soon as it was on I felt like a bride.”

Jessica came into Charlotte’s thinking she would walk down the aisle in a bright white gown but this pink ballgown from Allure Romance was a game changer.

“The moment I found my dress was so surreal.  I wanted the ‘wow’ factor but I never thought it would be in that color, but it was just perfect!”


 “I know everyone says this, but don’t sweat the small stuff!  No one’s going to notice but you. There were so many projects towards that we realized weren’t necessary and just never did them.  Everyone is there for you!  They could care less how the lights are setup, the draping, the tables, those things don’t really matter.”

“Oh, and if someone offers you help through the planning process, TAKE IT!  The less you have to worry about, the easier it will be on you!”


Featured Vendors:

Venue – Private Residence

Photographer – Mckenna Rachelle Photography

Dress – Allure Romance

Rentals – Bridgewood Events

Videographer – Duran Creative

Florist – Chase Your Dreams Floral Design

Make-up – Eye Shine Beauty

Desserts – Sweet Isabella’s Cupcakery & The Mobile Scoop Shop

Shoes – Mercedez Designs

Bridesmaids Dresses – Charlotte’s Weddings