Jensen & Justin

When Jensen met Justin

Jensen was introduced to Justin by his grandmother.


“His grandmother and I were on a Relay for Life committee and she would always mention that she had the sweetest and cutest grandson.”


After Relay for Life, Jensen and Justin began talking and from then became best friends!  The two dated for 6 years, and from the beginning were open about the possibility of marriage.


“After a while I became pretty pushy about when he was going to propose.  I just wanted to marry him!  He wanted it to be a surprise so badly that he wouldn’t give me any clues.”


On Jensen’s great-grandparents wedding anniversary on July 24th, 2017 Justin proposed in front of the pair’s closest friends and family.


“My best friend had told me that we should meet at the waterfront for dinner that night, so I just went about that day like normal. She really wanted to get a picture in front of the water, so we walked on this path and as I turned the corner, I saw a pathway filled with all our loved ones. They were holding signs of pictures, texts, cards, and stories from the 6 years that we shared. To say I was shocked would be an understatement!”

Wedding Planning

Right away Jensen was ready to jump into the planning process. 


“I have been planning my wedding for the last 6 years so I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted.”


As a very detailed individual, when it came to planning her big day Jensen was on top of everything. 


“I did everything by myself, except for the day of, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”


Jensen did the planning ahead of time but used Barn Door Events to help take care of the details and keep the day moving as a day of coordinator. 


“A lot of time I hear how stressful it is to plan a wedding but I found so much joy in planning an event that I am going to remember for the rest of my life.  I actually have considered getting into wedding planning because of how passionate I was!”


“My planning advice would be to start looking for ideas right away and make lots of lists!!!”




When it came time to dress shop, Jensen was nervous to get started.


“I knew that I would most likely pin-point all of my flaws when I started trying on gowns but I really wanted it to be an amazing experience.  When I got to Charlotte’s I immediately felt safe with Ryann.  She was so encouraging and picked dresses that flattered my figure beautifully!”


After about 5 dresses, Jensen had it narrowed down to 2 beautiful choices.


“Ryann did such a great job creating the whole look in both dresses so that I could really imagine what I would look like on my big day.  When they ask if that bridal moment is real…DEFINITELY!  I looked at myself in my dress and just knew that it was the dress I wanted Justin to see me in.”


Jensen decided on a gorgeous Madison James fit and flare gown.  The gown had the most beautiful, illusion back with covered buttons and featured perfectly placed lace appliques with clear sequins for the a lovely subtle shine. 


“I felt sexy, confident and bridal in my dress!”

Rain on your Wedding Day


When the big day finally arrived, Jensen and Justin were more than ready to say “I do” but not before dealing with a wedding day curve ball.


“After months of planning and being so detailed the weather decided to throw us a curve ball and sent us rain and we had to completely change the lay out of the day!”


The friends and family rallied together and worked hard to make the last minute changes as quickly and efficiently as possible.


“Our friends and family were so helpful and by the end of the night no cared if they were cold or wet because we had such a blast!”



It’s always hard to pick a favorite moment from a beautiful, fun-filled wedding day but there was one thing that really stood out for Jensen. 


“Besides marrying my best friend, I think my favorite part of the wedding day would have to be our vows.”


Jensen and Justin chose to recite personal vows to one another on the big day making their ceremony more personal and special.


“I not only was completely astounded by my husband’s vows, but to stand there in front of all our family and friends and hear these exceptional words is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  To be brave enough to stand up and share his deepest feelings about me just showed me how much more thankful I am for the man that I married.”


Personal vows are such a beautiful option for a bride and groom to share on their big day. 


“Vows are a way to look back at the past, be grateful for the present and make promises for the future.  We ended up getting our vows printed on canvas because we were so impressed with each other!”


You can’t control everything that happens on your wedding day, but you can control how to handle what comes your way.  Jensen and Justin may not have gotten the weather they always dreamed of having on the big day they kept the importance of their union as the guiding point for the day.


“In the end it didn’t matter what the weather was like, because we danced the night away and I got to share amazing vows with my husband.”