Jaime + Abe's Portland Winter Wedding


Jaime and Abe meant while Jaime was studying abroad in Fremantle, Australia! Abe was in the works of obtaining his undergraduate degree at the University that Jaime was studying abroad at, but he also happened to be the organizer of the events for the international and study abroad students. 


"I originally attended these events for the free pizza, then Abe and I met and became friends with our commonalities in humor, music, NBA, running, and coffee."


When Jaime’s three month abroad program came to an end, she thought that the tearful departure they were sharing meant goodbye, but it really meant “see you soon” as they spoke almost every day for a year and a half. 


Continuing to keep in touch, Abe flew to Portland, OR to visit Jaime.



"When we saw each other at the airport, for the first time since I left Australia, our hearts felt aligned. We both felt emotional, excited, and daunted at the idea of a serious long-distance relationship, but we mutually felt guided to conquer life together."


Although they knew it would come with its challenges, they decided to give a long distance relationship a go. They continued to visit each other every 6 months for about 2 years! When they decided that they couldn’t be apart any longer, they pursued the ‘90-Day Fiancé’ Visa so that Abe could officially move to the United States.


“Once approved, Abe (and his dog!) left his dear family and treasured mates, packed up his life's belongings in 2 suitcases, and moved to Portland, Oregon so we could finally be together. We legally got married in 2017 through our visa process, but didn't consider ourselves married until our wedding.”


A year and a half after Abe moved to Portland, he wanted to officially treat Jaime to the proposal she deserved and he pulled out all of the stops during a getaway to Newport on the Oregon Coast!


"We went to see the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, it "happened" to be sunset, the park ranger "happened" to allow us inside the lighthouse while she "cleaned up", and there "happened" to be classical guitar music playing while I noticed flower petals and candles climbing the staircase. At that moment I realized what was actually happening then started crying, and Abe led me to the top of the lighthouse where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him."


While Jaime was telling us the story of her engagement, she also wanted to ensure that Abe got credit for all of his hard work he put into making the proposal so special which even included the night concluding with “champagne when we came back down the stairs, roses at the dinner restaurant, and some close friends back at the beach house for a surprise engagement party”


While beginning the planning process, Jaime had a Pinterest board with wedding inspiration as well as some gowns that she thought she would like. Her mother and aunt flew into town and along with her close girlfriends, they planned to make stops at three different shops with Charlotte’s being the last appointment. Two of Jaime’s best friends also found their gown with us at Charlotte’s so she was feeling hopeful. After the previous appointments, Jaime found some gowns she liked, but hadn’t felt like she had set her eyes on “the one.”



“We arrived at Charlottes and Marge (stylist) was so excited to meet us and work with me. She brought out champagne for us all, listened to what I thought I might like, what I realized I didn't like, and found exactly what I was looking for."


"We all started crying when I walked out wearing the dress for the first time; we knew it was the one."



Jaime wore a beautiful Sincerity fit-and-flare, halter neck gown with sequin lace and an illusion back!


Although Abe is from Australia, and Jaime’s family lives in California, they decided to tie the knot in Portland as it is where they both felt their relationship flourished. They got ready at the Sentinel Hotel, shared their first look walking down their aisle at their ceremony at Cedar Mill Bible Church, and their reception at Coopers Hall!



“We chose to have our wedding ceremony at our church in Portland because our relationship, and ourselves, really grew and developed there. It wasn't easy starting a life together when Abe moved here, he didn't know anyone besides me, and we didn't really know anyone together, so we built friendships and community through our church.


We decided to have our reception at Coopers Hall because it is GORGEOUS, they have great wine/drinks, they're a restaurant with delicious food, and they do events... so we didn't have to find outside vendors for food or rental equipment, etc.”




Jaime said one of the most memorable things about their reception was the photo booth where guests snapped their photos and taped a copy into their guestbook.


“I think that was one of our favorite decisions and most memorable parts since we get to look back at everyone being silly and having fun.”


After their reception they headed back to the Sentinel Hotel and celebrated with an afterparty at Jackknife.


Any advice you would give to future brides?

Jaime’s top 2 pieces of advice? Be present and hire a great photographer!


1. “try to be present even during the most stressful times of the process...know that you are beautiful and loved without it all, and remember that this whole thing is about you and your future partner so do what reflects you and your relationship and the rest will fall into place.”

2. "we were given the advice to invest in a great photographer, so we did that and are so thankful. The wedding day can be busy so having beautiful photographs allows us to look back and reflect on the day at our own pace.”






Congratulations Jaime & Abe!



Getting Ready Venue: Sentinel Hotel

Ceremony Venue: Cedar Mill Bible Church 

Reception Venue: Coopers Hall

Afterparty: Jackknife

Photographer: Sweetlife Photography 

Dress: Sincerity Bridal- Charlotte’s Weddings

Florist: Fox and Rabbit 

MUAH: Brittany Blanchard Beauty 

Desserts: Cupcakes by Cher

DJ: DJ Jess the Ripper