Darlene and Chino | Gray Gables Estate



Darlene and Chino originally met in biology class when they were freshman in high school. They were both drawn to each other but nervous to be the first one to initiate conversation. They continued through school and eventually began to get to know each other in their junior year. Prom became the perfect setting for the beginning of their love story.  


He asked me to slow dance during prom and it all started from there 



Chino had the whole day planned out. It was Darlene’s birthday so it was the perfect chance to spoil her. They had reservations at her favorite restaurant and he took her on a shopping spree too. Then Chino booked a hair appointment for Darlene so that she would look incredible (as she always does). After they got home, Darlene was surprised with all her close friends and family to celebrate her. A slideshow played of Darlene starting from when she was a baby and it of course included her and Chino over their years together as well. Their favorite song was playing and Darlene couldn’t hold back the tears. When the slideshow finished, her birthday cake was brought out and everyone sang happy birthday. Though Darlene didn’t even need to make a wish because Chino was ready to make her dream come true. 


“As soon as I blew out my candles, Chino grabbed me by the hands and got down on one knee” 



Darlene was very nervous about shopping, especially since she is a petite bride. Shopping was never easy for her. After researching styles, she was leaning towards getting an a-line dress. She knew she wanted lots of lace and sparkle. Darlene was going for a whimsical and dreamy feel for her wedding. After trying on dresses, she discovered fitted dresses and instantly fell in love. She loved how mature and elegant fitted dresses made her feel, but she also loved the illusion of a-line dresses elongating her body. Darlene was conflicted with what style she wanted to go for. When she came to Charlotte’s she expressed her struggles with Stephanie, her stylist. Stephanie knew exactly what Darlene was envisioning. She brought her the perfect combination of all the elements she loved about different dresses. Darlene couldn’t stop thinking about that dress throughout her entire appointment.   


“I just felt the spark and knew it was the one!” 


“I absolutely loved the sheer layer of tulle that created the illusion of the a-line over the fitted dress. It was so unique and sparkly… the lace and the train. Everything was so perfect! I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me find the one!” 


Darlene said yes to Madison James MJ567, this dress has a gorgeous fitted silhouette with sparkly lace all throughout. It has a sheer attached overskirt that allows you to have a little extra drama to your look. 





Darlene said the whole day was dreamy. Her and Chino could feel all the love and support that their friends and family had for them. They loved how romantic and whimsical everything was and the whole day was perfect. A core memory Darlene recalled was their sparkler exit. It created a magical ending to their amazing day. 


“Just looking back at everyone and saying goodbye and cheering us on, we were so thankful for that moment and for everyone around us” 



Darlene said to do what is right for you and your fiance! The day is about you both and your love. The day goes by so quickly so just soak it all in. Enjoy having all your loved ones with you to celebrate your love. 


“Breathe, relax, and enjoy the moment” 



Congratulations Darlene and Chino!



Dress: Madison James ‘MJ567’ 

Venue and Catering: Gray Gables Estate 

Photographer: Natalie Hills Photography

Videographer: Peace Thoj Studio 

Coordinator: Jennifer Agard from Gray Gables Estate  

Florist: Forte Floral

Hair: Braids by Emily

Makeup: Glow by Clo

DJ: DJ Insaiyan 

Dessert: Sara's Baking Creations 

Officiant: Your Forever Ceremony