Catherine & Adam

How It All Started (Coffee and Bagels)...

Catherine and Adam fell in love over coffee and bagels...well that’s not entirely the story! The dating app “Coffee Meets Bagel” brought these two together.


" [We] have to thank the online gods for this one. In the app, Coffee Meets Bagel, you trade your beans for your potential life partner."


The two did a first date the right way when you’re in Portland by grabbing brunch. After hitting it off, Adam wanted to see Catherine again suggesting the Gonzaga University vs University of Portland basketball game that was taking place the next day!


“If you've ever met a Zag, you know how passionate/intense he or she is. Adam met "Gonzaga Catherine"... early”  


From that moment on, they stuck by each other's side as “like, effortlessly, turned into love”

The Proposal

While both of them enjoyed the outdoors (especially hiking), Adam knew one of Catherine’s favorite places was Lake Tahoe so felt it was only fitting to pop the question on a hike! They headed to Maggie’s Peak, an area they had never trekked before.  Adam included his younger sister, Katie, and father, Greg, as to not allow Catherine to get suspicious as to what was about to happen! 


Once they reached the top, Katie and Greg disappeared and Adam thought it to be the perfect opportunity to snap a photo! “He broke out the ol' selfie stick and pretended to take a photo when in reality, he was recording a video. Adam dropped down on one knee and popped the big question!”

The Planning Begins!

While some brides have dreamed of this day since they were a little girl, Catherine didn’t consider herself to be one of them and knew she would want some support!


“I was super stressed out about the entire ordeal. I was never one of those girls who planned out her wedding since she was 5; I was starting with a blank slate. My soon-to-be-sister-in-law and I went to five other wedding boutiques in the Portland area and Charlotte’s Wedding was our last stop”


Catherine was starting to lose hope as she tried on more dresses and nothing was bringing that emotion that you get when you find “the one.” As Catherine tried on her last dress, she finally started to feel like a bride. “It was so beautiful and flattering and once Marj [Catherine's bridal consultant] put on the veil, I finally felt like a bride.”


But there just seemed to be something missing: “I didn’t want to make a rash decision, so I said I’d come back another time. By then, I had stayed about 30 minutes past closing and as I closed the shop’s door behind me, I realized I couldn’t leave without that dress.” 


It all clicked and Catherine realized that maybe what she imagined she wanted, wasn’t what she really needed! 

“I ran back in, and boom, I got my perfect dress! It wasn’t anything I ever imagined myself wearing, but that’s why I loved it so much.”


Catherine wore a beautiful gown from L’Amour by Calla Blanche.

The "I-DO" Day!

Catherine and Adam tied the knot at Inn at Avonlea. Deciding to forego the first look, they saved that moment for when Catherine walked down the aisle but exchanged letters before the ceremony.


Choosing to have an outdoor ceremony on a beautiful summer day felt like the perfect fit for the couple. “The gorgeous location was one of the reasons we chose this venue, not to mention it perfectly aligned with our love for Oregon and the outdoors.”


With a family friend officiating the ceremony, Catherine and Adam became Mr & Mrs on August 24, 2019.  


The reception took place in a rustic barn complete with hanging lights and chandeliers and included fun moments like “a special flash mob dance from Adam’s family” and “a fun moment where Adam’s friends lifted me up on a chair and danced to the Gonzaga pump-up song.” 


Any Advice for Future Brides?

“Take it all in. It’s true what they say about how quickly the day goes by. It feels like we blinked and it was all over. Take a deep breath with your partner and soak in every moment.”



Venue: Inn at Avonlea

Photographer: Georgia Ruth Photography

Florist: New Seasons Market

MUAH: Portland Makeup & Hair

Coordinator: Vareus Events

Caterer: Ristorante di Pompello