Alexis & Kevin

How They Met

The buzz of romance between Alexis and Kevin began on the ever-popular app for friendships and relationships, Bumble! Bumble does it differently requiring women to make the first move, and although Alexis and Kevin matched, she was hesitant but intrigued!


“Kevin was going through firefighter training and in typical Kevin fashion put as little effort into his profile as possible so when I saw him on there he had posted 4 photos and the only thing in his bio was a single firefighter emoji 👨🏽‍🚒. I wasn't sure if he was my type but the little trouble maker in me had to tease him.”


After chatting for a bit, they met up at ABV Public House for a date for drinks and instantly hit it off. Looking back, they both recall how that date was so much different than other online dates.


“Our third date he cooked me dinner at his place and I now know he had spent a lot of time cleaning up his place and coming up with a fancy recipe. It was wonderful. Coming home from that date I finally knew this was the real deal.”


The Proposal

December 16th, Alexis and Kevin enjoyed happy hour at Jakes Grill in the Sentinel as part of their plan to have regular, official date nights!


“We got all dressed up and went out to enjoy a wonderful happy hour together. It was amazing. It was almost like our first date.”


With a few bumps along the way (like Kevin's card getting stuck in the parking meter!) they arrived home with their Australian Shepherd puppy greeting them at the door with a special sign...


“The sign said "Will you marry my daddy?" I turn to Kevin and he immediately went down to one knee. He told me how I was the love of his life and his puzzle piece and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.” 


Kevin’s decision to propose at home?


“Kevin had wanted to propose at home because it felt like us and wanted to have that memory in our home forever.” 

Yes to the Dress!

“I was SOOOO excited to get to shop for my dress. I quickly found out it can get very overwhelming! There are so many beautiful dresses and after too many they start to look very similar.” 


Luckily, the experience made it a bit easier! 


My experience at Charlottes was THE BEST. It was amazing." 


Like most brides, Alexis went in having an idea of what she was looking for which included a “hard no on satin” and something with drama “preferably an extremely low back dress.” 


Although having an original picture in her head of what she did and didn’t want in a dress, she kept an open mind and picked a dress that made her feel beautiful and comfortable, which just happened to be a gown with “a satin bodice and not a low back” (completely opposite of her vision!) 


“... Every photo I see I feel beautiful. And I felt the same way all day. I was comfortable and I felt gorgeous.” 


Alexis wore a beautiful ballgown from L’Amour by Calla Blanche.

The Big Day!

Alexis and Kevin felt it was important to tie the knot in a place that was comfortable and easy to kick back and have an amazing time in and that puzzle piece was Castaway Portland!


“It is a really amazing blank canvas that you can do so much with! It is industrial but still cozy with the big exposed beams. It was perfect for our casual foresty modern vibe we were shooting for!”



Their beautiful January 4th wedding held some magical and emotional moments including the first look with her grandparents.


“She had pretty advanced Alzheimer’s and seeing her rush of realization and joy really had me as close to falling apart as I got all day. Between that and the fact that Kevin's dad had passed away suddenly less than two months prior made for a very emotional day. I think we really did a good job at focusing on the happiness of the day though...”





Joy, love, and excitement were all felt that day from Alexis, Kevin, and everyone around them.


“For me I think the moments of seeing each other for the first time and seeing the wedding parties and taking those initial photos [was my favorite part]. It’s like all that hype. Like standing at the gates of Disneyland knowing it’s finally here and the amazement of walking through Main Street in Disneyland, just wide eyed and soaking it all in."


"Kevin says sitting down on the couch at dinner and just seeing all of our people coming together for us. He said that was the first moment where he wasn’t doing something or stressing over something and he just got to soak it all in. He said it was this huge feeling of joy and love...”


Advice for Future Brides?

Top 2 tips: investing in a wedding planner and photographer/videographer: 


“Biggest advice! GET A WEDDING PLANNER! Honestly you will actually get to enjoy the process if you have a great guide...they allowed the process to be easy and fun. No Stress!” 


“PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourself the favor of prioritizing Photography and Videography... get an amazing PROFESSIONAL photographer and videographer. Then you get to enjoy that day over and over again! Don't let your investment vanish in one day.”




Venue: Castaway Portland

Photographer: Katy Weaver Photo

Videographer: Glitch Films

Florist: Amanda Karam Floral

Hair and Makeup: Blossom and Beauty

Coordinator: Catherine Sammon of Bridal Bliss

Caterer: Crown Paella

Rentals: The Party Place

Cake: Dream Cakes Portland

DJ: Chad Dowling Productions

Draping : Bowerbird Events

Signage & Jacket : Letters and Dust

Photobooth: White Tower Photo Booth


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