Delanie: Social Media Content Creator

What is your favorite thing about working at Charlottes?

My favorite thing about Charlotte’s is the people. My coworkers, brides, their families and friends - it is so much fun. I truly love everyone I work with and they are so supportive of everything I do here. If I need a model for the hour, I know one of them will step in. On Saturdays when I’m capturing appointments, I’m able to interact with brides and their guests on a new level. It is heartwarming to see them going through the journey of finding their wedding dress and seeing their loved ones reactions to each that they try on. I love being surrounded by so much love each and every day.


How would your coworkers describe you? 

I would say that they would describe me as quiet, until I get out of my shell. After, I’m a ball of energy who can talk about anything and everything! Also, they would probably describe me as a singer because no matter what song is playing in the store, I’m most definitely singing along.


If you were out for happy hour, what would you order? 

I always go for a French 75. The PERFECT combination of gin, champagne, and lemon. I would like to say it’s because I’m really fancy, but I actually learned about it on TikTok. Try it, you’ll thank me!


What are your favorite podcasts, tv shows, books or music?

I’m a podcast girl through and through. A few of my favorite are Sounds Like a Cult, This American Life, and Binchtopia. I do have a place in my heart for trash tv, though. Love Island is my definite go-to and you will be catching me watching it every day this summer. Fun fact: one of the Sincerity models on our website was on a UK season AND he follows me on Instagram!