What To Bring When Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

What To Bring When Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

What To Bring When Shopping For Your Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Mar 05, 2021

 You’ve got the ring, you’ve booked the dress shopping appointment, now you’re preparing for your upcoming shopping experience but now you’re wondering what to bring with you when shopping for your wedding dress. Sound familiar?


Below we’re talking five things you should bring with you to try on wedding dresses!


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There are many different undergarment options to wear under your wedding dress and you don’t need to bring the exact ones that you plan to wear on your wedding day with you to your dress shopping appointment, but here are a few that we recommend:


Strapless Bra

You will most likely have bra cups sewn into your wedding dress by your seamstress, but for your appointment if you’re more comfortable wearing a strapless bra while trying on gowns, we recommend a nude/skin tone bra the same size that you regularly wear.



The best underwear are nude and seamless. Darker colors will most likely be noticeable through gowns that have lighter linings, and any with seams may be seen through your gown.



Shapewear to wear with your wedding dress is personal preference, but if you are planning to wear shapewear (like Spanx™) on your wedding day, feel free to bring it with you to your dress shopping appointment so you can get the full vision of how your gown will look with your shapewear and other undergarments underneath!


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2. Hair Accessories

We’re not talking about things like barrettes or head pieces (we’ve got you covered on that end when you find the one!), but ensure to bring a few hair ties and bobby pins with you!


Not only are they great for keeping your hair out of the way while you are changing in and out of gowns, but when you’ve narrowed down your favorites or have found the one and are trying out different accessories or veils to pull your look together, you can pin your hair up similar to a style you are planning on wearing for your wedding day!


3. Don’t bring a fresh spray tan

We’re all about that bronzed glow for your wedding day, but try not to apply a fresh spray tan or self tan the day prior to your dress shopping appointment. You don’t want it transferring as you’re getting in and out of gowns and shortening the life of your tan!



4. Bring a supportive crew

We know everyone is excited for their daughter, grand daughter, future daughter-in-law or best friend to be getting married, but invite those that are excited and supportive of the beautiful gowns you’re trying on.


Yes, everyone will have their opinions of things they think you look beautiful in, but remember that this is your wedding day and in the end, what you feel the best in is what’s important!




Your stylist will most likely have taken a peek at your wedding dress inspiration board prior to your appointment, but if you’ve found any other styles you’re drawn to that you’ve added to your board, ensure to have that ready for your stylist to have a look at!


Looking for inspiration? Check out this post: The Wedding Dress Trends to Be On The Lookout For in 2021


bride looking through wedding dresses at charlotte's weddings in portland oregon



We always recommend to our brides to build out their inspiration boards for purely that: inspiration. Don’t make it a grocery list and put yourself into a box of the things you think your gown has to have.


You would be surprised at how many brides fall in love with a style online, try it on, and realize that the style or silhouette doesn’t feel or look the same as it did on the hanger and that’s ok! You never know what you will love or what you will fall in love with until you’ve been in it.


Go into your appointment with an open mind and trust your stylist to guide you to “the one” based on not only the details you’re drawn to, but how you want to feel on your wedding day!


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