The Wedding Dress Trends To Be On The Lookout For In 2021

The Wedding Dress Trends To Be On The Lookout For In 2021

The Wedding Dress Trends To Be On The Lookout For In 2021. Mobile Image

Jan 13, 2021

2021 wedding dress trends


“Wedding dress trends 2021”, “2021 wedding gowns”, if either one of these thoughts have crossed your mind (or through your search engine!) you’re probably wondering what wedding dress styles, silhouettes, and embellishments are going to be front and center at the altar in 2021.


We’ve rounded up some of our favorite gowns from our designers—from big bows to bold floral appliqués—that you’ll want to add to your wish list when you book your appointment with us at Charlotte’s!



Embellishments and details aren’t just lace and beading this year, big (or small) bows on your gown will make a statement as you walk down the aisle!


Left: Justin Alexander Signature "MADELEINE"

Right: Adore by Justin Alexander "11140"




Fun sleeves (especially big sleeves) are in and we’re here for it!


We’ve added this gown as well as this gown to our in-store collection and we’re loving how it takes the style of the gown to the next level (plus they’re detachable, two looks in one!)



Left: Justin Alexander "BRIELLE"

Right: Lillian West "66175"




With intimate weddings, elopements, and courthouse weddings becoming more popular in 2020, many brides were turning to clean and classic styles! Clean gowns not only make their own statement with the simplicity they bring, but they offer endless options when it comes to accessorizing from your veil to your jewelry.




Left: Adore by Justin Alexander "11154"

Right: Justin Alexander Signature "RIPLEY"




There’s no better feeling than finding your dream dress, but finding your dream dress twice? Yes, it’s possible!


With a transformative style—whether it’s detachable sleeves or a skirt—you can have two looks in one from your ceremony to your reception!



Lillian West "66162"




Scoop and straight necklines are marking their place in the lineup of trending styles for 2021. It’s a bold and chic style that looks beautiful from a fit-and-flare to your classic ball gown.


Check out this scoop neckline gown that we've recently added to our private collection!



Left: Justin Alexander "BERKLEY"

Right: Lillian West "66161"




Sleeves are one of our favorite additions to a gown, and off the shoulder gowns are not only another beautiful style that we’re adding to the list, but it’s one that not only will accentuate your neckline, but also makes a gown look and feel elegant and effortless.



Left: Justin Alexander "88122"

Right: Justin Alexander "88148"




We love floral embellishments so we’re excited to see bold, floral appliqués in our 2021 wedding dress trends. Our boho brides looking for something unique will especially love this embellishment and many of our favorite designers like Justin Alexander and Lillian West are featuring this style in their newest collections.



Left: Lillian West "66155"

Right: Justin Alexander "88142"



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