Trunk Shows: Everything You Need to Know when Shopping for your Wedding Dress

Trunk Shows: Everything You Need to Know when Shopping for your Wedding Dress

Trunk Shows: Everything You Need to Know when Shopping for your Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Jun 23, 2022

Wedding gown shopping is such a magical experience for a bride.  After getting engaged you’ve probably started creating your Pinterest board and searching online for bridal boutiques in your area.  While researching you’ve probably come across the term Trunk Show. 


What is a Trunk Show?

Each season wedding gown designers create 30+ looks for each collection.  Bridal boutiques pick 6-10 of those dresses to bring into their stores as samples for brides to try on.  A trunk show is when the wedding gown designer will send the entire wedding dress collection to a bridal store for a limited amount of time.  That means a broader range of styles, from the newest season. How do you know if a trunk show is right for you?  We’ve created 5 tips to shopping for your wedding dress during a trunk show to help you make that decision.Charlotte's Weddings Portland Oregon Wedding dresses


Why Shop for Your Wedding Dress During a Trunk Show?


1. Do Your Research

Make sure when deciding on whether or not to attend a trunk show, you do some research on the wedding gown designer.  Look at the wedding dress styles and price points on our website to see if this fits your overall vibe and vision for your wedding day look. Remember, you will have access to all of our collections in store.


2. Broader Range of Wedding Dress Styles to Choose From

At Charlotte’s, we have curated and hand selected wedding gowns from each of our wedding dress designers to have sampled in our store for brides to try on. What is so exciting about a trunk show, is that these wedding dresses are from the newest collections hot off the runway.  As a bride, you are getting the first look at these exclusive wedding gowns and you have the chance to snag a rare dress for your big day!! 

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3. Book an Appointment ASAP

Once you have decided this trunk show and wedding gown designer is right for you.  Book your appointment ASAP!  Typically, these wedding dresses are only in store for a few short days, so brides are booking appointments earlier for these types of events hoping to find their perfect wedding gown. The Charlotte’s Weddings Experience is like no other and we can’t wait to make it magical for our brides.


4. Bring the Right People

Make sure you bring the right people to this appointment.  This is a big decision and it’s important to have ALL of your people with you.  Make sure you bring your biggest supporters with you to help you find the wedding dress of your dreams at Charlotte’s Weddings. 

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5. Come Prepared to Buy with Designer Incentives

With these type of exclusive events in our store it’s important you come ready to buy.  Designers don’t typically let us discount their wedding dresses. However, we are able to offer exclusive discounts during trunk shows.  So, make sure you have your budget lined up and you have reviewed the designer pricing as well as understanding the cost of a wedding gown. 




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