Holly: Bridal Stylist

What do you love most about working with brides?

One of my favorite moments is when a bride lights up in a gown, not just because it’s a beautiful dress, but because they are reminded why they are getting married. Their best friend is going to be at the end of the aisle and it is so exciting when they can picture that moment in the perfect gown. It is such an honor to be a part of their story. I love building meaningful and genuine connections with my brides; their journeys are so inspiring.

How do you think your co-workers would describe you?
I think my co-workers would describe me as dedicated, warm-hearted, and always having a positive attitude. I am pretty quiet and observant at first but when you get to know me, I have a little bit of sass!

If you were out for happy hour, what would you order?

I could go for a nice cocktail and some fondue out at happy hour or easily be content with a hazy IPA and a heaping pile of nachos - it just depends on the vibe!

What are your favorite podcasts, TV shows, books or music?

I live for anything and everything related to true crime. “My Favorite Murder” is by far my favorite podcast. I also love a good sitcom like Friends,New Girl, or How I Met Your Mother. If it’s going to give me a good laugh then I am all in!