Charlotte's Holiday Gift Guide

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Finally, the holidays are here again!  The halls are being decked with festive cheer and visions of sugar plums are definitely dancing in our heads.  Finding gifts for the bride on your list has never been easier with Charlotte's Holiday Gift Guide!  We've curated a handful of the perfect items from Charlotte's to put under the Christmas tree this season.  


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Thanks & Goodluck Perfume

Scent has the power to magically transport you back to the memories associated with it.  Having a special scent for your wedding is a great way to conjure up the beautiful memories of the day when you wear it again in the future.  A wedding day scent is a cherished item that makes a perfect holiday gift. 


Thanks & Goodluck is the first perfume from Charlotte’s exclusive wedding gown designer Justin Alexander.  Featuring notes of cherry blossom, sandalwood, lily of the valley & jasmine, the scent is the perfect blend of masculinity and femininity.  It’s a celebration of love; of two becoming one.  


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Bride Merch

Showcasing you’re a bride is half of the fun of this season of life!  That’s why we’ve curated a selection of “Bride Merch” that are the perfect additions to a bride’s wardrobe during all of the wedding planning festivities.  From custom jean jackets that can be tailored specifically for your future Mrs. to cozy ivory sweatshirts embellished with BRIDE, there’s an option for every bride.


Jean jackets would make a great accessory for that chilly summer evening.  Brides can throw it over their wedding gown to keep warm, yet stylin' through the reception and party!  They are also a perfect accessory for that destination bachelorette party or engagement party gift!  The Bride sweatshirts make for the best festive outfit for running wedding day errands, keeping cozy while pinteresting or addressing those invitations.


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Veils & Accessories

After finding the dream wedding dress, it's time to start thinking about any accessories needed to finish the wedding day look!  Veils, belts, capes - there are so many things a bride can add to their outfit to give if that extra touch of magic.  Sometimes in the whirlwind of saying yes to the dress, a bride might forget to purchase that extra accessory!  At Charlotte's we take care to note any favorite accessories a bride might love with their dress - securing that item for a bride as a holiday gift is the perfect way to contribute to the wedding day look!


Not sure if your bride had a favorite?  Purchase a Charlotte's Gift Certificate for your bride to put towards those finishing touches!


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Emerald Package Certificate

Leading up to the wedding day - getting the wedding dress Steamed & Pressed will ensure it looks at its absolute best coming down the aisle.  At Charlotte’s we have all the equipment necessary to primp and polish your gown making sure it’s fresh for the big day!  


After the wedding, the next step for the dress is wedding gown preservation.  The preservation process allows your dream wedding gown to become a cherished heirloom. After taking care to gently clean and handle any minor repairs, the gown will be treated and placed in a sealed box with a viewing panel so that you and your loved ones can admire it for years to come.  The sealing process keeps it pristine giving the bride the chance to pass it down to the next generation if desired.


These two processes, Stem & Press and Preservation, have been combined into one stellar package deal for Charlotte’s brides.  The Emerald Package is a perfect gift to give the bride to take one more thing off her plate!  Cross this off the list for your bride!


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There’s nothing more exciting than finding some sparkle under the tree on Christmas morning.  At Charlotte’s we have a vast selection of jewelry to add that touch of sparkle to a wedding day look.  From earrings, to bracelets to necklaces and headpieces - there is something for every style.  


Sparkle isn’t just for the bride in your life though!  Jewelry is the perfect holiday gift for Mother of the Brides, future in-laws, bridesmaids, or to give as a gift to accompany any other special occasion attire.  


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