What Is A Trunk Show?

What Is A Trunk Show?

Jan 09, 2021

You may have seen the term online while searching for where to book your dress shopping appointment, or maybe have come across it a time or two in your Instagram stories from some of your favorite bridal accounts you follow.


Trunk shows are very popular in the wedding world and not only are we answering what a trunk show is, we're giving you four reasons why shopping for your wedding dress during a trunk show is one of the BEST times to find the one!



So...what is a “trunk show”?


A trunk show is a period of time (usually a weekend but can sometimes last up to a week or longer) where a designer will send their newest bridal collection to bridal shops for brides to see in person, try-on, and say yes to!



Why shop during a trunk show?

There are a couple of reasons why shopping during a trunk show weekend is one of the best times to say yes to the dress!



1. Wider selection of gowns to choose from

At Charlotte’s, we have a selection of gowns that we have chosen from each designer to have sampled in-store for our brides. Because we are bringing in these additional gowns from a designers new collection for the trunk show, this means that we have a wider selection for your stylist to choose from when it comes to hand selecting gowns she thinks you’ll fall in love with!



2. You could be one of the first brides to wear the gown

Because some of these trunk shows are showcasing gowns from the designers newest collection, they often have not officially arrived in bridal shops yet. By saying yes to a gown during a trunk show (the collections "preview"), you are sometimes one of the first brides to see these gowns in person and can even be one of the first to wear these gowns on your wedding day!



3. Lots of gowns from a designer you love

If you’ve been searching our Pinterest page or checking out our gowns on our website and noticed that there is a designers gowns you are drawn towards—whether it’s for its style or details—there isn’t a better time to shop than during that designers trunk show!


We not only will have our normal selection of gowns in-store from the designer, but also a fresh new selection full of trending styles and embellishments for a limited time!



4. Don’t forget the special savings

Often when you shop for your gown during a trunk show, when you say yes to a dress from the collection being showcased, the designers will allow us to treat you to exclusive specials (think of it as a little pre-wedding gift, to you from Charlotte’s!)




January 15th-24th: Justin Alexander Spring/Summer 2021

February 5th-7th: Justin Alexander Fall/Winter 2021 

February 12th-14th: Lillian West Fall/Winter 2021

February 19th-21st: Adore by Justin Alexander Fall/Winter 2021

February 26th-28th: Sincerity Fall/Winter 2021


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