Wedding Dress Steam and Press—Is It Really Needed?

Wedding Dress Steam and Press—Is It Really Needed?. Mobile Image

Jun 03, 2021

Is getting your wedding gown steamed and pressed before your wedding really that important? 


Our answer...yes! After taking the time to find the perfect dress, patiently waiting for it to arrive from the designer, taking the time (and money) to have it perfectly altered, you wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle in a gown that’s wrinkled or creased. 


Plus, June 1st-30th, we are offering $50 OFF our Steam and Press service! 


How does steam and press work? 

While many brides think that they can just take a hand steamer to their gown the day of their wedding (we will cover that in a moment!) depending on the gown, you probably don’t have hours to be spending steaming your gown and you probably don’t want to task someone from the bridal party to be in charge of that either. 


When we steam and press your gown here at Charlotte’s, we hang the gown and take the time to go layer by layer ensuring that the skirt, bodice, and any other areas of your gown are pressed to perfection. 


Especially if you have a gown that has multiple layers of tulle in the skirt, it can take time to ensure that every layer has been covered. 


When should I get my gown steamed and pressed? 

We recommend doing this service as close to your wedding date as possible, allowing—at minimum—a week to have your gown steamed and pressed. You will then pick up your gown a day or two before your wedding and we will walk you through how to properly store it and what to do with your gown when you arrive at your venue/destination to minimize the opportunity for your gown to re-wrinkle. 



Can I steam my gown the day of my wedding? 

The short answer is yes, but here’s a few things to keep in mind: 

  • If your gown has some volume to the skirt (like a ball gown) or your gown has layers of tulle or chiffon, we recommend investing in our steam and press service and bringing along a hand steamer the day of your wedding to hit any spots that may need to be adjusted which will only take a few minutes (but ensure to leave enough time for any spots to dry from the steam!) 
  • If your gown features a lining such as jersey that isn’t as prone to wrinkles, you can fluff the train and see which spots may need to be run over with the steamer. Again, just ensure to do this early enough to allow your gown to dry from the steam! 


Getting your gown steamed and pressed is one of the best investments you can make, just like investing in an experienced seamstress to perform your alterations! Whether you said yes to the dress at Charlotte’s or found your dream gown at another shop, you can take advantage of this service! 


Ready to have your gown steamed and pressed? Call 503-297-9622 or email for more information and pricing.