Wedding Dress Silhouettes: Which One is Right for You?

Wedding Dress Silhouettes: Which One is Right for You?

Wedding Dress Silhouettes: Which One is Right for You?. Mobile Image

Jul 06, 2022

 One of the first questions your bridal stylist at Charlotte's Weddings will ask when helping you find your wedding dress: "Is there a particular silhouette you've gravitated towards in your search?"


The definition of a silhouette is the outline or general shape of an object.  So when we're talking about wedding dresses, silhouette refers to the shape of the gown!  We are going to look at two of the most common "types" of silhouettes, Fitted and A-line.


When it comes to FITTED wedding dresses, there are three basic silhouettes you can reference:


 - A "Sheath" wedding dress is a fitted, straight cut dress that nips in at the waistline for waist definition.  This silhouette tends to be more minimalist and comfortable and is flattering on most body types.


A "Fit and Flare" wedding dress fits through the waist and flares out below the hips, enhancing an hour-glass figure.  Extra layers of crinoline underneath the skirt can achieve a more dramatic effect, but with no extra layers this silhouette can be comfortable and relaxed.  This is the most commonly referenced silhouette when it comes to fitted wedding gowns.


A "Mermaid" wedding dress (much like the fit and flare) fits through the waist and flares out just above or at the knee... like a fish tale!  This is the most dramatic fitted silhouette, not necessarily recommended for the bride looking for comfort but more so to make a statement!  The skirt of a mermaid wedding dress tends to be fuller for the maximum amount of drama.


A-LINE wedding dresses are (arguably) the most popular silhouette in bridal fashion because they are flattering on all body types! 


The term "A-line" can describe any dress that has a hem much wider than its shoulders, creating an A shape.  A-line dresses often feature a fitted bodice and may or may not have a defined waist seam. The size of the skirt will help determine what type of A-line dress you're interested in.  A "soft A-line" will have a light, flowy skirt (think English net or chiffon) and minimal layers of fabric, while a "ballgown" could have many layers and will include crinoline underneath the skirt for a fuller look.  If you love the A-line shape but are hesitant about the poof, ask your stylist about removing some of those crinoline layers in alterations!  


A fun, added detail to an A-line dress is a layered or ruffle skirt!  Whether you want boho/whimsical vibes or you're a princess bride looking to take things up a notch, ruffles are sure to make the statement you want!


These definitions may vary between designers and bridal shops so don't stress too much about particular terminology. 

If you know how you want to feel on your wedding day, Charlotte's Weddings and our team of stylists will help guide you to the perfect silhouette!