Your Guide To Different Wedding Dress Fabrics

Your Guide To Different Wedding Dress Fabrics

Your Guide To Different Wedding Dress Fabrics. Mobile Image

May 03, 2021

With so many wedding dresses and silhouettes out there, comes a lot of different fabrics that make up those wedding dresses! 


As you are finding inspiration for your own wedding dress and getting familiar with the styles you like, here are some of the most common fabrics you’ll find featured on our gowns in-store at Charlotte’s Weddings.



Lace is broad term for this fabric as there can be many different styles of lace!


Lace is a delicate and romantic fabric that can be seen in the skirt of a gown layered under different fabrics (like tulle or chiffon), all over the gown, or as an embellishment on the bodice as well as other areas of the gown like the train.




English Net

This fabric is light as well as very transparent so it is another fabric that is perfect as a finishing top layer of the skirt or layering multiple layers of English net together.


Layered over other fabrics such as intricate lace, allows you to see the characteristics of the individual fabrics without losing any detail.




This is a lightweight and delicate fabric that is perfect if you’re looking to have lots of movement in the skirt. Because it's sheer, it is often used as a layering fabric that tops off the gown over another fabric such as lace.


With an ethereal fabric such as chiffon, you’ll see this fabric most often in boho inspired gowns such as those from our Lillian West collection!




This is a silky, almost glossy like fabric that is very lightweight. It is often seen on gowns that are loose and light such as slip or column style dresses.




Tulle gives off a very sheer and effortless vibe. While delicate, it can be used as a layering fabric as well as help add structure to a gown. This fabric can be seen in different styles as well such as sparkle/glitter which is perfect layered under other fabrics that adds a true wow factor!




Crepe has more of a gauze like feel to it that is perfect for highlighting curves while also providing some structure. This fabric makes an appearance on some of our favorite gowns in store and is perfect for the bride looking for a gown with a minimalist feel.






This is a much heavier silk fabric that is seen on gowns such as ball gowns that aim to have a classic and timeless look. We are seeing this fabric more (and have some new arrivals in store featuring this fabric!) especially on ball gowns as the shape helps support the weight. If you’re looking for a gown that will give you that true princess moment, Mikado is the perfect fabric!




Experience all of these fabrics in store when you say yes to the dress with us at Charlotte’s! Book your say yes moment and let us help you find your dream dress!