The Top 5 Wedding Dress Alterations Questions Answered

The Top 5 Wedding Dress Alterations Questions Answered

The Top 5 Wedding Dress Alterations Questions Answered. Mobile Image

Jan 29, 2021

The Top 5 Wedding Dress Alterations Questions Answered


After you say yes to your wedding dress, the next step in the process is thinking about alterations. Alterations are essential to ensure your gown fits your properly, however if you are looking to do additional customizations you will need more extensive alterations.


Andrea Hoyt, a trusted wedding gown seamstress answers the 5 most commonly asked questions when it comes to your wedding dress alterations.



1. When do I need to reach out to my seamstress?

You will want to begin reaching out to seamstresses once you receive confirmation from your bridal shop on when your gown is expected to arrive. At Charlotte’s, we usually have an estimated arrival time 1-2 weeks after your gown is ordered.


At this time, it is best to start reaching out to seamstresses in your area to check on their availability as well as an estimation of cost.


As a Charlotte’s bride, when you say yes to the dress you will receive a list of our preferred seamstresses! Don’t forget to research your options, read reviews, and ask your friends and family who they’ve used to help guide you in picking the best seamstress for you!


2. What does my seamstress need to know when I reach out?

Your seamstress will want to know:


  • your wedding date (if you're having a destination wedding, they will consider your date of departure your wedding date.)
  • brief description of anything on the dress you think will need attention when it arrives 
  • any customization requests (examples are adding sleeves, lowering the neckline, etc)


The customization requests are also important information to provide as the seamstress will want to have an estimation on how long these customizations will take, as well as if they have the knowledge and/or are comfortable in carrying out these customizations. 


3. How long do alterations take?

On average, alterations take between 6-8 weeks.


4. What is the average cost of alterations?

General alterations usually include: hemming the gown, bringing the sides in (if needed), and adding a bustle. On average this can fall between $300-$800 but can vary from seamstress to seamstress. But remember cost will increase for additional customizations.


5. What should I bring with me to my fittings?

Make sure to bring your shoes that you will be wearing on your wedding day, the actual bra you will be wearing (or bra cups if you are wanting something sewn in), and any body shapewear or undergarments that you will be wearing the day of to all of your fittings.


Get ready to put these alterations tips to use after you book your appointment and say yes to the dress with us at Charlotte’s!