The Top 5 Reasons to Preserve your Wedding Dress

The Top 5 Reasons to Preserve your Wedding Dress

The Top 5 Reasons to Preserve your Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Sep 20, 2021

The Top 5 Reasons to Preserve Your Wedding Dress


You've spent the time (and money!) to find the dress of your dreams, so you owe it to yourself to preserve that beautiful gown that now holds so many precious memories!


From invisible stains to safe storage, there are so many reasons to preserve your wedding gown—so we've narrowed down the Top 5 Reasons for Preservation to highlight how important this service is for every bride! 



1. Give your gown a safe place to be stored


Did you know hanging your wedding gown can destroy it?


Wedding gowns are not meant to spend years supported by a hanger, in fact, this will cause major drooping or stretching. Preservation allows you to safely store your gown in an air-tight box!


2. To ensure there are no invisible stains


What you don't know can hurt you!


Invisible stains like white wine or deodorant can actually be incredibly damaging and cause your gown to deteriorate over time. Don't open up your garment bag years later to find an invisible stain still lurking!


3. Create a "living memory" of your wedding day


The cake only lasts so long...


While your photos will last a lifetime, preserving your gown allows you to have a living memory that comes along with all your moments of love and happiness! And in a few years, we encourage the occasional dress-up, too!


4. To prevent any future damage


Say no to yellowing fabric and moisture exposure!


While preservation cleans your gown of any spills or accidents that may have happened on your wedding day, it also prevents any future accidents from occurring while being safely stored without the risk of sun exposure, moisture, or other elements!


5. The opportunity to loan, sell, or pass your gown down


Vintage is in!


Passing your gown down may seem a little dated, but it could mean the world to someone later down the line! Preserving will capture its beauty for a lifetime, which also helps the resale value, too!


So whether you are a Charlotte's bride or said "I Do" at another shop, it's the perfect time to show that gown some love and schedule your Preservation Service with us today!