Say Goodbye to Wrinkles

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles

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Mar 31, 2023

The Benefits of Investing in a Steam and Press Service for Your Wedding Gown


After spending time and money finding the perfect dress and having it expertly altered, the last thing you want is to walk down the aisle in a gown that's wrinkled or creased! When it comes to your wedding day, the detail matters, including the appearance of your wedding gown. That's why we strongly recommend getting your wedding gown steamed and pressed before your big day. 




At Charlotte's, we offer a Steam and Press service that will ensure your gown looks flawless on your wedding day.  This is the last step in your wedding gown process, after all the alterations have been completed. Our Steam and Press process involves hanging your gown and carefully pressing each and every layer, ensuring that the skirt, bodice, and train of your gown are all perfectly pressed. We find that this is particularly important if you have a gown with multiple layers of tulle in the skirt, as each layer needs to be covered to ensure a smooth appearance.


This multi-layer process takes about a week to complete and we recommend scheduling your Steam and Press service as close to your wedding date as possible.  So, if you’re getting married on the first Saturday in June, we’d schedule your steam and press service with you to have the gown dropped off no later than the last Saturday in May so that your gown will be ready for pick up by the big day!  Our Steam and Press schedule can fill up quickly, especially in the summer months so we do recommend pre-scheduling the service to ensure we have the time and space to care for your wedding dress!


Most importantly, we will also provide you with guidance on how to properly store it after pick up and what to do when you arrive at your venue/destination to minimize the chance of new wrinkles forming.




While it's possible to steam your gown on the day of your wedding, we recommend against it, especially for gowns with volume in the skirt or multiple layers of tulle or chiffon. Instead, we recommend investing in our Steam and Press service and bringing along a hand steamer to touch up any spots that may need to be adjusted the day of. The touch-ups themselves will only take a few minutes but keep in mind that you’ll need to leave enough time for any spots to dry from the steam.  This is also why we don’t recommend leaving the full steaming of your gown to the last minute as we’d hate for you to be walking down the aisle in a gown that is still damp from steaming! 


If the Steam and Press service feels out of reach, using a hand steamer the day before your wedding will allow the gown time to fully dry and hang overnight which can help to relax some creasing or wrinkles. 




At Charlotte's, we believe that getting your wedding gown steamed and pressed is one of the best investments you can make. It's just like investing in an experienced seamstress to perform your alterations! So whether you purchased your dress from us or another shop, we invite you to take advantage of our Steam and Press service.


Don't let wrinkles or creases detract from the beauty of your wedding gown. Contact us today at 503-297-9622 or to learn more about our Steam and Press service, pricing and how to book.



Purchased your dress from Charlotte’s?  Also inquire about our Emerald Package!  The Emerald Package bundles the Steam and Press Service and Wedding Gown Preservation to protect your wedding dress investment.  Ask your stylist for more information!