Turning a Keepsake into a New Treasure: Heirloom Restyling with August Veils

Turning a Keepsake into a New Treasure: Heirloom Restyling with August Veils

Turning a Keepsake into a New Treasure: Heirloom Restyling with August Veils. Mobile Image

Feb 27, 2024

Something old can become new again  


Looking for a way to incorporate or honor a family member on your wedding day?  Then working with a professional designer to create a custom piece for your wedding look utilizing cherished items from the past could be the fit for you!


August Veils is a local Portland veil designer who specializes in creating custom items for your wedding look by utilizing materials salvaged from heirloom items.  From completely transforming a 1980’s wedding hairpiece into a modern veil to adding vintage lace to a new piece, Bethany can create the perfect item for your wedding designed to honor those you love. 


We sat down with Bethany to learn a bit more about Heirloom Restyling and what makes this offering so special.


But first, What is Heirloom Restyling?


Answer: Heirloom restyling is the process of taking a cherished item from years past and either completely transforming or utilizing pieces of it to create a refreshed and more modern item.  This could be as simple as removing lace appliqués from a vintage wedding dress and applying those to a new veil or as in depth as completely taking apart and reworking an extravagant headpiece into a simpler style.  


Bethany utilized the hem lace from the mother of the bride's vintage wedding gown and placed it on a modern veil style as a tribute to her on the bride's big day.


Why Heirloom Restyling?


Taking an item and breathing new life into it is not only sustainable but it’s also incredibly sentimental.  


“I love stories,” Bethany shared when we asked her why she enjoys Heirloom Restyling projects. “Each item and each bride comes with such a unique history and it’s such an honor to be trusted with these pieces.”


Often brides are bringing items to Bethany that have been stored for decades, waiting for a new life. Most of them come from wedding days past and are full of special moments and stories that have been passed down from generation to generation.


“I imagine what these pieces could say if they could talk and it’s so special to then create something new that will be a part of more treasured memories and family histories.  I’m a very sentimental person so this type of work really speaks to me.”


The Heirloom Restyling Process


The process can vary from project to project.  The depth of work needed to be done, the condition of the item being salvaged as well as the timeline available will help to determine what the overall process will look like.


“In general, 3-4 months is great to have when starting on an heirloom restyling project, but I can accommodate most timelines!”


Something that makes heirloom restyling extra special is the collaboration that is often involved in designing a new item that will compliment your unique bridal style.


“During the initial consultation, we will review your heirloom items and your vision for them.  We’ll discuss which elements you’d like to incorporate and make a game plan.  We’ll also talk about what to do with any remaining materials!  Maybe a family member needs a small accessory for the day, or the materials can be used for other wedding decor. We want to make sure to preserve as much of the heirloom items as possible.”  


The consultation allows you to get all of your questions answered and for Bethany and the bride to collaborate on a schedule for future appointments, set communication expectations and confirm the timeline for completing your pieces.


Photo by: Dizon Photography


What Makes Heirloom Restyling Special


Heirloom restyling takes into account the history and heart of each piece.  It’s about showcasing and cherishing the beauty of vintage pieces and family heirlooms and finding a way to update them for a unique, fresh look.  Breathing life back into a piece that may otherwise remain stored away is an honor that Bethany does not take lightly.


“I enjoy hearing the stories and sentiment behind each item and I’m honored to be trusted with such special pieces. I feel privileged to be a part of restoring and recreating an heirloom piece that will continue to be cherished for generations to come.”


Plus, working on Heirloom Restyling projects has allowed Bethany the chance to see and experience some iconic pieces of bridal fashion history in person.


“I’ve been privileged to work on some really special projects! One recent favorite project that comes to mind was getting to work with a very rare wax-flower crown from the 1950s.  I was able to create a headpiece for the bride and a special broach for her Grandmother who was the original owner of the crown!”


Original vintage wax crown and the modern headpiece worn by the bride on her wedding day. 


Looking for a way to incorporate some cherished items from a loved one into your bridal style?  Reach out to Bethany to chat about Heirloom Restyling and how she can help bring new life to your family heirlooms. Or, you can book an accessory appointment for Saturday March 23rd, 2024 to meet Bethany in person at Charlotte's!