Why Your Stylist Clips The Wedding Dresses During Your Appointment

Why Your Stylist Clips The Wedding Dresses During Your Appointment. Mobile Image

Apr 29, 2021

Why Does Your Stylist Clip The Wedding Dresses During Your Appointment?


As your appointment is approaching, you’ve probably been thinking about arriving at our shop, sitting down with your stylist and talking about what your dream dress looks like, having your stylist pull gowns, and putting on “the one!” 


And then your stylist starts clipping you in and now you may be asking yourself “what exactly is the purpose of those clips?”


You’ll most likely see that your stylist has a variety of clips that she uses when you slip into each dress. We use these clips to essentially help "custom" fit the dress to your figure during your appointment!


Although your gown will be custom ordered to your size when you find the one, we don’t carry every size of every gown that can be ordered in our shop. That’s where the clips come in! 


You will most likely fall in love with a gown that is sampled bigger in store than your size. When you slip into each dress, your stylist will use the clips to help bring in any extra fabric to help you visualize how the gown will fit around your waist, hips, and even the straps when it’s in your size!


If you’re ready to find the perfect dress, we’re ready to help you say yes! Request your in-store appointment HERE!