Why You Should Consider Wearing a Colored Wedding Dress

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Would you consider wearing a pink dress on your wedding day?  In the past, anything other than a white or ivory dress was considered nontraditional or even taboo.  But recently this perception has changed.  In fact blush, pink and nude tones have become the most popular wedding trends. They started as popular bridesmaid colors and have turned into fun colors that even brides are wearing.  Here are five reasons to wear a colored wedding dress on your big day!

These colors looks good on all skin tones: Soft pink or nude tones look good on almost any skin tone. Both are more forgiving than stark white and some ivory tones, especially for those with fair skin.  These colors look good with olive and dark complexions as well.

Grey and navy colored suits compliment these colors: Of course you want your future husband to compliment your dress on your big day.  Neutral colors and blush tones look great with grey and navy.  Depending on what your bridesmaids wear, you can have the groomsmen wear black or brown instead. The possibilities are endless!

Your bridesmaids can wear almost any color: Depending on what your groom will be wearing, blush and nude tones go with a variety of colors. Pastels in any shade compliment a blush or neutral colored dress really well. Some examples would be: mint, lavender, ice blue and grey. Or you could have bridesmaids wear black, ivory or white for a less traditional look.  Some other popular bridesmaid dress colors are: gold, champagne and silver metallic.  All of these colors look great paired with a pink or nude wedding gown and will make your wedding unique and memorable.

A colored wedding dress is unexpected: Traditionally, brides were expected to wear white or ivory on their big day. But until 1880, brides always wore colored dresses. That is until Queen Victoria wore white on her wedding day. From then on the white dress trend stuck. The colored wedding dress is making a comeback and becoming a wedding fashion trend.

Wearing a colored dress can be romantic: Pink hues are historically considered the color of romance.  So why wouldn’t you want to wear the most romantic color on one of the most romantic days of your life?  The color pink is positively associated with love, beauty, charm, femininity and romance. While nude tones are said to be warm, peaceful, soft and inviting.  Both of which are romantic and classic colors you can wear on your big day.

Luckily, most wedding dress designers have styles of dresses available in these colors. Try one on, but keep an open mind and you might just fall in love with a colored wedding dress!

Happy wedding planning!