Wedding Trend Watch 2017

silent disco

With the start of the New Year, we anxiously await for the summer and all the wedding trends that will come along with wedding season.  To get prepared for what is sure to be another exciting year in the wedding world, I scoured the internet in search of what is bound to be this year’s hottest trends in weddings!

Color Comeback
The trend that transcended across almost all of the blogs and websites I researched was the comeback of pops of color for this summer!  From hot pink accents and orange details, to teal bridesmaids and rich plums, vibrant and unexpected color combinations are going to be the thing to see this year.  Look for these colors to replace the blush and pale palettes of the past.

Vertical Impact
Look up to the sky at weddings this year because we’re all about hanging décor.  This is a trend that cycles in every few years and will never really go away that we LOVE!  This year though we’re all about the greenery in the style of hanging centerpieces.  Couples will be dazzling their guests with overflowing arrangements of greenery and florals.

With phones becoming basically another limb, we are starting to see more and more ways to incorporate technology and media into wedding days.  We’ve all seen the use of hashtags plastered around an event, but this year we’re expecting to see that accompanied by Snapchat Geofilters!  Geofilters are a way for your guests to share their photos and videos from your big day on Snapchat with an accompanied tag that shows off where they are having all this fun!  Snapchat has made it relatively easy to incorporate this trend into your wedding day, all you need is to employ a friend with some graphic design skills and a few bucks to pay for the time and you’re in!

Creative Ice Breakers
Weddings are often one of the first times where the loved ones from both the bride and groom’s sides are all together in one place.  This year, we’re expecting to see more weddings where the bride and groom prepare spaces to help their guests break the ice and get to know each other better!  From lawn games and interactive food stations, to large photo booths and scavenger hunt style games, you’ll be sure to find more creative ways that couples are creating a more interactive space at their wedding.

Donut Cakes
We’re kicking out the traditional three-tier cakes and replacing them with new and fun dessert trends.  You can look forward to seeing dessert table full of donuts rather than the traditional cake display.  You may even find some bride and grooms opting to cut a large donut rather than the usual ceremonial cake cutting.

donut cake

Silent Discos
 If you haven’t been to a silent disco before, then you should really check out this cool new trend.  Essentially, Silent Discos are a way to beat out the pesky noise police.  Each guest is handed a pair of wireless headphones that are all connected to the same DJ booth.  This allows everyone to still rock out into the late hours, without having to worry about being shut down for quiet hours. This is a great way to keep your party rolling in your outdoor venue, even when we’ve passed on to the late night hours when most venues have to shut you down.

silent disco

This is just the start of what is bound to be a great year in weddings.  There are so many things to look forward to, and this list really only scratches the surface of what awesome ideas are bound to take over this year’s wedding-sphere. Check out Charlotte’s Weddings & More at upcoming bridal shows to meet our preferred vendors and us and find out how we can help you plan your perfect day!

Ryann, Bridal Consultant


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