Wedding Guest Fashion

wedding guests

Preparing to attend a wedding for a loved one is always fun and exciting. Being a woman, what we are going to wear is the first thing we often think of when we get that invitation in the mail. Wedding guest attire can be tricky. No one wants to be over dressed, but what is worse is the fear of being under dressed. Hopefully this will give you some guidelines and ideas to arrive at the wedding looking your best and feeling confident.

My advice is to first go online and look at the venue. This will tell you a lot in terms of formality. Obviously you are not going to wear a full sequined long gown to a wedding that is in an open country field. Or an informal sundress to an evening wedding in a ball room. Take a good look at the surroundings for the best guide on formality. Hopefully these tips will give you some great ideas and keep you away from wedding attire don’ts.

What to avoid:

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Too short and too tight – Remember we want all eyes on the bride! You want to be able to dance the night away comfortably and possibly jump to catch that bouquet. Anything with too much skin exposed is just plain inappropriate for a wedding.

Wearing white or ivory – it is just not the best idea. Unless you are asked to wear such colors, try to avoid them. Most likely the bride has waited for this moment for her to be the only one wearing any shade of white.

Prints – This can be a tricky one. Of course a cute print is totally acceptable. But watch out for too bold of a print, or one that is out of context for a wedding. An example, avoid that Hawaiian print for a winter indoor wedding. Choose something a little more subtle and classic.

Denim – Plain and simple, the denim needs to stay home! No matter how casual the wedding is, it’s just not appropriate.

Wearing the same color as the bridal party – It is nice to play into the color scheme, sure that is fine. But to look like one of the bridesmaids when you weren’t asked to be is probably not the best idea. Avoid wearing the same color as the bridal party, but feel free to wear a complimentary color.

What to go for:

Layers – Be mindful of the time of year it is. If you are going to a summer wedding and it is going to be hot, wear a light flowing dress that can breathe. If it’s fall then don’t forget to layer up with a cardigan for the chilly breeze in the evening. For those cold winter weddings, bring a coat that compliments your dress but is one you can remove once you are at the venue.

Go simple – A simple dress is always safe and elegant. To make your look unique and fun, dress it up with some statement jewelry. If you know the wedding colors throw on a great necklace that compliments them.

Wear comfortable shoes – Nothing is worse than your feet hurting half way through the ceremony. So make sure whatever footwear you have on, is something you can wear all night. Please, keep the flip flops at home!

Confidence – Whatever you choose to wear make sure it makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Don’t be afraid to have fun! If you feel comfortable and confident then you will have a great time! Happy Shopping!

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