The Process After Your Wedding Dress is Ordered

A very common occurrence in the wedding dress world is brides having a difficult time understanding the whole process of purchasing a wedding dress. You come in for an appointment, find your perfect dress and then it is ordered.  So what else could there possibly be to do? This will help you understand the process for after your wedding dress is ordered at Charlotte’s.

Approximately six to eight months after ordering your dress, the gown is shipped to us from the designer in a box. Once it arrives, our shipping and receiving department opens the box and checks your dress in. This involves looking over the dress to make sure it matches the order that was placed and to make sure there are no problems with your dress. After that, you will get a call from the shipping & receiving department of Charlotte’s informing you that your beautiful wedding dress has arrived in the store. At that time you will want to schedule your pick up appointment.  But what does that mean exactly?

This appointment is not a first alterations fitting. This is a common misconception among many brides. At Charlotte’s, we do not have seamstresses on staff. This means you will have to make a separate appointment with one of our highly recommended seamstresses for your alterations after your pick up appointment.

At your pick up appointment, you will have a bridal consultant assist in showing how to get in and out of your wedding gown on your big day and answer any questions you may have. You will try on your dress and make sure that it is the correct size and color you ordered. Any accessories that you ordered you can pick up then as well (or if they came in earlier, bring them with you to your pick up appointment!). A lot of brides love to take pictures at this appointment because it is the first time you will have put on your wedding dress!

If there is any balance left on your dress, you will pay the balance and then get to take your dress home with you. For any alterations that need to be done, you will have the option of choosing which seamstress you would like to work with. We recommend that you call the seamstress beforehand and interview them to make sure your personalities will blend well together. You will be able to discuss alterations needed with your seamstress as well as the approximate cost for the work that needs to be done. Remember, most special occasions wear (including wedding gowns) require tailoring, and for wedding specifically, alterations can run around $200-$600 depending upon changes needed.

This whole process can be overwhelming, but the Charlotte’s staff is here to help you.  You can call us with any questions that you might have, even after your dress comes in. We are always here to help and welcome you to the Charlotte’s Weddings family!