FREE Steam & Press in December

Receive a FREE steam & press in December!!

White wedding dress hanging in doorway

Receive a FREE steam & press when you spend $100 or more in accessories in the entire month of December. (Steam and press valued at $150)

Charlotte’s Weddings & More offers steam and press for wedding gowns, bridesmaids, moms and veils. Brides who purchase their dress with us receive a special discount.

We use a professional iron and spend hours steaming and pressing your entire gown, even under the skirt and crinoline. We also put it into a bodice form to help keep the shape of the gown and we show you how to take the gown safely in and out of your garment bag. We carry it out to your car to help you figure out it will fi t in your car to transport it safely to your destination. We just ask that you make an appointment to drop off your dress 1 week before picking it up. We suggest that you pick up your gown as close to your wedding as possible to avoid taking it in and out of the bag.