Should you have wedding favors?

It is not uncommon to attend a wedding and head home less than empty-handed.  From pieces of the centerpiece, to matchbook trinkets with the couple’s initials imprinted on them, to tiny bottles of champagne or a candy bar on the way out, most couple leave a token of appreciation or memento for you to take with you as you go.  But where did this tradition come from, and is it really necessary for you to continue at your wedding?  Read on to find out!

From what I could uncover, some of the earliest accounts of wedding favors date back to 16th century England.  In those days, it was common for couples to give love knots made from lace and ribbon to their guests.  These knots were tokens to represent the bond of love between the couple as a reminder to the guests of the couple’s promise to one another.  This later evolved to mimic the traditional bonbonnière, a small intricate box filled with candied delicacies that would be handed out at not just wedding, but birthdays and other celebratory occasions throughout France and Italy.

These bonbonnières would be filled with candies that would essentially bestow the good luck of the couple on to the guests.  Typically, each box would consist of five pieces of candy (or sometimes almonds), which represented fertility, health, wealth, happiness, and longevity.  The idea was such that these tokens of luck would transfer to the guests, a rather superstitious tradition, but one that inevitably stuck.  If you’ve ever had a Jordan almond, than you can thank this wedding tradition for the creation of those tasty candies.

These days, we see so many new and innovative ways to thank wedding guests with creative and sometimes silly wedding favors.  Favors can be an expensive addition to a wedding though, so if your budget is tight, know that favors are certainly not a requirement to a wedding!  You are already paying for food, drink and a good time for your guests, so don’t feel obligated to add a trinket to the table. Here are some really cute and inexpensive ways to provide a take-home favor for your guests.  I took to Pinterest and the internet to find my top 3 favorite, not-so-expensive wedding favors you could hand out at your wedding this year!

popcorn-favor“Thanks for Popping By”

This favor can be personalized and done in a few ways, which makes it really fun!  How you choose to package it will really determine the level of expense that goes into this one.  All you really need is a gallon of popcorn kernel (easily purchased at Costco), a printed tag with the saying: “Thanks for popping by,” and a cute packaging of your choosing!  Anything from mason jars, to decorative bags, to a tiny burlap sack would make this favor super cute and totally do able!

party-cupsParty Cup!

If you know your guests will be ready to have a good time at your wedding, then this favor is for you!  Not only can you reduce waste by having your guests reuse their cups, it’s also a super cute memento to take home!  You can find different places online to customize cups like these but most will come out to less than $1 per cup, making this is a pretty sweet and easy deal for the less crafty brides!

smoreS’More Love

I love this favor because I love a good pun and a good snack!  This one will again take some DIY. With a trusty group of bridesmaids this will be no problem whatsoever!  All you need are cellophane bags, a cute printed tag with a trusty s’mores pun, and your classic mallow, graham, and chocolate ingredients! Your guests will be excited to take this gift home, or make a s’more right then and there if your venue allows!

Ryann, Bridal Consultant