Shopping Tips for Moms

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Shopping Tips for Moms

Moms are often so busy helping the bride prepare for her wedding that they forget about themselves. But moms need to look fabulous on the wedding day too! Here are some tips to help moms shop for their dress.

Often we hear mothers say they want to wait to lose weight for the wedding before trying things on. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Wedding planning is stressful enough for all parties involved and too many expectations can make dress shopping a not so fun experience. Don’t worry about your size or the size of the dress, you will look beautiful in your dress no matter what. Sure, go ahead and exercise to feel great, but don’t feel like you have to crash diet before heading into the fitting room!

Remember, mother of the bride or groom dresses take just as long as the bridesmaid dresses (if not slightly longer) to order.  Give yourself four to five months to order your dress. That way you will be able to choose the color and size you need.  Also this gives you time for any alterations the dress may need after it arrives.  No one likes to shop at the last minute for a dress, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time.

Moms often come in to try on dresses and have no clue as to what color they need or want to wear.  Most of our dresses can be ordered in an assortment of colors. So you can pick one that is complimentary to the wedding color scheme, yet avoid wearing the same color as the bridesmaids. But don’t be afraid of color, sometimes it is fun to wear a color that you don’t have in your closet for a special occasion.

Be sure to check out the designers we carry on our website. It is a good idea to look at styles and shapes of dresses before shopping for a dress. We won’t have a sample of all of the dresses on our website in our store, but it will help you get an idea of what you are looking for.

Go ahead and let a consultant help you!  We might be able to pull out some dresses that you would never try on, but will look amazing on you. If you are willing to step outside the box, you never know what you might find.

Happy dress shopping!