Say “I Do” in the Perfect Shoe

Top 10 Websites for Bridal Shoes


Sometimes finding the perfect bridal shoe can be even harder than finding the perfect wedding gown. Not anymore! Here is a list of websites that will help you find the perfect bridal shoe for the day you say “I do”:
This website offers a large range of style and price options. They always have a great sale collection as well as new merchandise available daily.
Want to look cute and be comfortable too? Toms awesome wedding collection is perfect for you! Cute flats and wedges can be found here for the bride, as well as great and fun styles for the groom and your bridal party!
Looking for designer looks at a great price? Look no further with the aptly named website, My Glass Slipper. Here you can find any shoe that you may be looking for. They also offer great customization in design and dye colors.
This is the perfect site if you are searching for more traditional styles for your look. They carry all the top designers in footwear for bridal. They also have a large selection of discontinued designer shoes on sale.
Affordable and cute, Payless is a great go-to store for you and your whole bridal party. Shop in store, or check out their more extensive online inventory.
Another great in-store option with an even more impressive online inventory. I also love the free shipping over $35! Always a wonderful go-to for your bridal party as well.
This designer was recommended to me by one of my brides. If you are looking for something stylish and cute without a heel, look no further than these fun and unique styles.
This fashion-forward site is a wonderland of bargain finds of the unique and awesome. Perfect for a bridal fashionista with a budget.
Zappos carries a large inventory of styles to fit any venue or look. Tons of options for pumps, sandals, and flats at comparable prices.
And finally, my favorite website. This website allows you to personally design your own shoe. You can personally choose the style, material, color, and design! If you can’t find the perfect shoe, just make one!

Once you’ve found your perfect gown at Charlotte’s, make your accessories the next task!

Stephanie, Bridal Consultant