Most Popular Wedding Colors for 2014

June 5, 2014
2014-unique-coral-and-gray-wedding-color-ideas-and-invitations-Do you already feel like a blushing bride? Carry that sweet love over to the color scheme for your wedding. Pink is back! So are the nudes, blushes and peaches — not to be confused with Pepto Bismol pink! While some colors seem to be very popular and all over Pinterest, others may surprise you. […]

Wedding Traditions, a Thing of the Past?

romantic-bridal-veil-long-wedding-veils-with-lace__full-carouselI love answering bride’s questions about weddings. One question I get asked all the time is, “Which traditions are still relevant?” Well, that is a really good question because weddings today have gotten to a point where you are not questioned if you choose to forgo common traditions. Wearing a veil down the aisle is […]

Wedding Traditions Around the World

May 29, 2014
3-mantilla_veil_Pronovias_Spanish_wedding_dressNot all bride’s dream of the perfect white dress.  Some picture a red dress or even a blue one.  Some brides dream of beautiful henna tattoos and cone shaped hats.  Each culture has their unique way of celebrating love and union.  Wedding traditions widely vary from country to country, especially when it comes to the […]

The History of Wedding Favors

May 22, 2014
honey-wedding-favorWhile planning your wedding, you have probably thought about wedding favors and wondered if they are something you could cut out of your budget.  Perhaps a bit of history can help you understand why favors are a time honored tradition and something guests look forward to taking home. One of the earliest accounts of a wedding […]

Unique Ways to Decorate the Getaway Car

May 6, 2014
black carAs a member of the bridal party, decorating the getaway car is normally one of your wedding duties.  We’ve all heard of the traditional train of cans and “Just Hitched” scribbled in soap on the back window.  But with the frenzy of Pinterest, people are finding more creative and unique ways to decorate the car. Materials You don’t […]

Wedding Gown Alteration Tips

The Bridal LoftDo you have questions about alterations? The Bridal Loft in downtown Portland has created a helpful video to assist you in preparing for your wedding gown alterations. Set up an appointment with a seamstress at the Bridal Loft today!  

Surprise! Wedding Costs

May 1, 2014
images3T1DCE5EWhen it comes to planning your wedding, you may think you have thought of everything.  While many brides think they have everything they will need accounted for in their budget, there are random items that are often forgotten.  Here are just a few of them. Asking Bridesmaids in a Special Way For many brides, asking their nearest […]