Shipping & Receiving Manager/Bridal Consultant


What is your favorite part about helping brides and working for Charlotte’s Weddings? How long have you worked here?

I have been at Charlotte’s since June of 2014. My favorite part about working at Charlotte’s is learning about the visions and aspirations a bride has for her wedding, since all brides are truly one of a kind. Hearing about different venues, themes, and even unique color schemes, is always interesting. Some of the brides I have worked with get married right here in Portland, while others are getting married on the East Coast, in Mexico, Canada, and even in Africa! From English Garden parties, to Medieval Masquerades, there are so many fun and different ideas that I get to learn about. Listening and learning about these ideas, and creating a relationship with each and every bride, allow me to help them find their dream gown for their special day.

Do you have a favorite moment/story from working at Charlotte’s?

A memorable moment was when I helped out a bride who had been shopping for a while with friends and family, but decided to come on her own to Charlotte’s. She was ready to find a dress that she, above anyone else, absolutely loved. Through getting to know her, I was able to bring her the perfect dress that fit her personality, her venue, and was exactly what she envisioned. We paired it with a veil, and the cowboy boots that she was planning to wear with it; she looked gorgeous! She came back a couple days later with her mom and sent photos and videos to her two sisters that were out of town to show them the dress, and they all loved it as well. It was a very special moment that I was honored to be a part of.

What kind of advice would you give your brides about dress shopping?

I would advise brides to always trust their instincts. If you absolutely love a dress and know it’s the one, even at your first time shopping, it’s perfectly okay. A lot of brides have asked if others have found their gown at their first appointment, and the answer is: yes! Over-shopping can be stressful and confusing, so if you know you have found the one, go for it! Another piece of advice is to bring people whose opinions that you trust and value, to your dress shopping appointment. At the end of the day, it will always be your dress, and you are the one who will be wearing it. As a bride, the main thing is that you love your gown and that you feel beautiful in it.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working at Charlotte’s?

When I’m not at Charlotte’s, I can be found spending time with my family and boyfriend, Cody. I love finding new places to eat and drink in Portland, or cooking and baking at home. I enjoy traveling, and often visit my home state of Hawai‘i, hopping between the islands of O‘ahu and Kaua‘i. I am also a Graphic Designer, and enjoy doing freelance work when I have the opportunity.

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