Financing Your Bridal Dreams


0% Interest Financing Now Available

One of the biggest concerns I hear from brides and their families is the rising costs of weddings. As a former bride, and an avid couponer, I can certainly attest to the burden of planning your dream wedding while being conscious of not breaking the bank. Here at Charlotte’s, brides can now finance the purchase of their wedding gown! Now you may be thinking, taking out a loan for your wedding is crazy and unnecessary. I understand the thoughts behind that sentiment completely. Keep reading to find out why financing at Charlotte’s Weddings is an easy, and beneficial, way for you and for your family to help finalizing your wedding!

The average cost of bridal gowns at Charlotte’s is between $1200-$1800, with our styles starting around $700 and going up to $4000. We encourage our brides to check out our bridal gallery online, which also has our price guidelines for each designer. This information is for our brides to utilize to figure out which designer has styles at the price points they’re comfortable with. With this information, brides can find the styles they love while being mindful of prices of other styles. Say you find a gown by one of our designers that you know is the one, and your budget is $500, but the gown is $1000 over your budget? This is when our financing is beneficial to you! You can finance the majority of the price of the gown and not worry about having all the cash upfront!
I am the kind of person that dislike spaying interest, and always does everything she can to only pay what I owe and nothing more. In financing your dream gown here at Charlotte’s, you will also receive 6-month same-as-cash financing! This means that you will have your monthly payment that has zero interest, so long as you pay off your loan within those six months. This is a great option for brides who love to create budgets and know where their money is going.
We were honored this year to receive Oregon Bride Magazine’s Best Bridal Accessories shop; meaning, not only can you find your dream wedding dress at Charlotte’s, you can also complete your day-of look with a veil, jewelry, and hairpieces! Financing at Charlotte’s isn’t just for your gown, but can apply toward your purchase of your complete bridal look. Don’t forget about mothers, your bridesmaids, and flower girls! Financing can go to their looks as well to create those memorable wedding photos we all cherish. You family members and friends will be able to repay you as you make small monthly payments each month instead of a large, overwhelming sum at one time.
With the holidays coming quicker than we can keep up, financing your bridal dreams is an easy way to manage your funds while finding everything you’ve ever dreamed of for your wedding day. Discuss your budget with your fiancé, as well as your family, to fig
ure out what you’re comfortable spending for your bridal dreams. With financing, you don’t have to be afraid to reach for the stars and
have your dream gown become a reality! Make your appointment at Charlotte’s today to find your dream gown and find out more about financing!
Jennifer, Bridal Consultant