Lindsey, Manager


What is your favorite part about helping brides and working for Charlotte’s Weddings? How long have you worked here?

My favorite part about working at Charlotte’s is the moment a bride realizes she’s found her dress! When her face lights up and she can’t stop smiling because she’s picturing herself on her wedding day; when she wants to leave the shop with the dress on because she can’t bear to take it off! Sometimes she laughs, sometimes she cries, sometimes she is surrounded by her best friends and family members, sometimes it’s just her and her mom. The scenario is always different, but the moment is always the same: it’s magical!

I have been working at Charlotte’s since July 2010 and I love it! A wedding isn’t just a one day event. It takes months (a lot of times close to a year!) to plan, and buying the dress is part of the beginning stages. I love helping brides find their perfect gown and being part of their wedding experience!

Do you have a favorite moment/story from working at Charlotte’s?

It’s hard to pick just one favorite moment, because there are so many! I love when my bride trusts me; when I can bring in a gown that might be a little “out there” but I think she might love it, and then she does! When she asks me to pick a veil, and earrings and a hairpiece to match, and then we talk about how she’s going to style here hair for 20 minutes! I love that connection; when I’m just as excited that we’ve found the perfect dress. It may sound cheesy, but it happens! And it’s the best.

What kind of advice would you give your brides about dress shopping?

My advice would be to do a little research before you come. Go on designer’s websites, look through magazines, start looking for a silhouette you think you’d look great in and think about details – do you like lace, beading, rouching, etc.? This, of course, doesn’t mean what you love in a magazine will be what you love once you try it on, but it’s helpful just to get an idea of what’s out there, just to get started. It also helps us do our job. Even if you’re not 100% confident, it gives us a starting point.

My second piece of advice would be to trust your consultant, and keep an open mind. Even if you have looked at every bridal magazine and every website and you’ve found exactly what you want, even if you are 100% confident, it doesn’t mean you’re going to love it when you have it on. That’s where we can help! We’ll help you find your dress if you’ll let us.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working at Charlotte’s?

I am a TV and movie buff, and I love keeping up with celebrity news! So I love going to the movies, watching my shows (Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men, The Office, etc.), and keeping tabs on my favorite celebs by reading People magazine and watching E!

I love hanging out with my girlfriends, going out for dinner and drinks, or just staying in and watching movies. And I love spending time with my family: going to my sister’s soccer/basketball games, camping (in the summer), and the family gatherings we have on holidays and birthdays with my big extended family.