Don’t forget to style the men of your wedding!

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Once the bride has found her gown, don’t forget about the men of the wedding! Whether it’s the groom, dads, or groomsmen, the gents of the wedding should also be styled to match the wedding!

About 3 months before the wedding, the groom and his men should start and finalize the process of what they will wear for the big day. The first place to start is to determine how dressy of an event the wedding is—if it’s black tie, make sure the men are in the classic black tuxedos. This includes having a pocket square, cufflinks, and a nice watch to match.

If your wedding is not a black-tie affair, the options for men’s wear open up significantly! We at Charlotte’s have seen many unique styles from our #realcharlottesweddings recently, which show off our eclectic Pacific Northwest Style.

The Dorsey wedding, shot by Sweetlife Photography, recently showed off how to dress for a formal wedding. This three-piece suit, paired with a classic pocket square and bright boutonniere, allowed the groom to be dressed appropriately for his bride’s formal style. A huge trend in men’s wedding fashion was also on display as the suit was in navy! Navy suits pair perfectly with gowns in champagne and blush hues, which is very popular with our Charlotte’s brides.

For a more relaxed-yet-formal look, check out the groom at our #charlottesbride Amy’s wedding, shot by Ivy and Gold Photography! Another huge trend in men’s wedding fashion is wearing dress slacks, shoes, a white/ivory button down shirt, and finishing it off with suspenders and a bow tie. This look can match almost any low-key formal affair, at a vineyard (such as the Holman’s wedding pictured) or in a small ballroom.

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How cute are the Hennings? The couple, shot by Sweetlife Photography, show how a groom can rock a navy suit with a checked button down the shirt that popped against the solid color of the suit. These two show off how to conquer the rainy Northwest in style, from head to toe! This is a perfect way to dress for a semi-formal wedding, and makes the groom stand out as the obvious match to the exquisite bride!

No matter the style of your wedding, make sure your spouse-to-be feels just as special for the big day! Happy Wedding planning!

-Jennifer, Bridal Consultant


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