Laura Sauer

sauer wedding june 30

Name: Laura and Brett Sauer

Wedding Date: June 30th, 2012

Wedding Location (ceremony/reception):The Laurelwood Academy in Jasper, Oregon (Outside Eugene)

Wedding Time: 6:30 pm

How did you and your husband meet?: My Husband and I have been family friends our entire lives, so we’ve always known each other. We lost contact in college, but both moved back to our hometown the same year and started going to the same church. We had our first date December 26th 2010, and were engaged by December 17th 2011.

sauer dress

Dress Designer: Wtoo

How was your experience at Charlotte’s?: My experience at Charlotte’s Weddings & More was amazing! From the moment I stepped in the door I felt like a Bride. You always dream of the perfect ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ moment, and that’s exactly what Charlotte’s Weddings & More was for me.

sauer wedding

What did you like most about working with Charlotte’s?: When you go to Charlotte’s Weddings & More you have a large selection of designers, sizes, and styles. I personally had a fairly strict budget, but was able to find my dream dress regardless.

sauer wedding day

What did you like most about your wedding?: I loved our venue! Laurelwood is a breathtaking setting and has a gorgeous barn perfect for our rainy June wedding. We didn’t plan for rain, but the barn was large enough to have the ceremony and reception inside.

Who is your photographer?: Gaby Koekkoek