Jenna McPherson

Name: Jenna & Chase McPherson

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Wedding Date: Oct. 27, 2012

emily g photography

Wedding Location (ceremony/reception): The World Forestry Center

Wedding Time: 4:30

How did you and your husband meet?: We met at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2006.

Dress Designer: Justin Alexander 8558 ( I think, perhaps double check)

How was your experience at Charlotte’s?: I had a wonderful experience at Charlotte’s. It was the last place the I looked for a wedding dress after looking everywhere possible, and was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to find a dress I loved. I was treated like a bride, and not just a customer. I loved the selection, and the whole atmosphere at Charlotte’s

What did you like most about working with Charlotte’s?: Morgan! The entire staff was so friendly and helpful, but she really made my experience. She was so professional, sweet, and made sure to say hello to me every time I came in. So enjoyable to work with!

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What did you like most about your wedding?: Being that both of us are from out of state we were unsure how many people would be able to attend our wedding, and we were so excited and heart warmed by how many came to celebrate our day with us without the slightest hesitation. It was so wonderful and over whelming the love that was in the air on our wedding day. Also, Marrying your best friend and love is a pretty awesome too!

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Who is your photographer?: Emily G Photography (she’s is beyond awesome!)

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