Anne Duncan

Name: Anne & Jeremy Duncan

Wedding Date: August 19, 2012


Wedding & Reception Location: The Resort at the Mountain, Welches Oregon

Wedding Time: 4:00 pm

How did you and your husband meet: We met 10 years ago through my freshman college roommate, they were best friends in High School. We ended up becoming friends and starting a great friendship before we ever decided to try a relationship. I came to Portland 10 years ago with college friends on a 4th of July visit & we haven’t looked back since.


Dress Designer: Martina Liana


How was your experience at Charlotte’s: Excellent, I visited 3 times before finding the perfect dress. Everyone was kind and no one tried to push me into something I didn’t want.  They allowed me to look as much as I wanted & try on as many dresses as I could. Everyone was professional and honest. I would highly recommend anyone getting married to come to Charlotte’s to find their perfect gown.


What did you like most about working with Charlotte’s: The variety of dresses offered at the store. So many to choose from, that’s probably why I tried on so many! And of course the FANTASTIC staff.


What did you like most about your wedding?: MY DRESS, I want to wear it again. My favorite moment of my wedding day was walking down the aisle to my future. I felt incredibly fortunate and loved in that moment.


Photographer: Swoon Imagery