Let’s Talk about Bridal Undergarments

What to wear under your bridal gown!

One of the most common questions I receive as a bridal consultant is what kind of undergarments should they bring? Read on to find out more about this important foundational piece to a wedding gown!

Which bra should I wear? This question depends solely on the style of gown a bride chooses. Most women are comfortable being in public while wearing a bra, so it is counter-intuitive to not wear one on your most visible day! Most gowns by our designers feature strong support through the bust and waist, so most women find that wearing a bra is unnecessary. The most popular of trends right now are low, open backs or illusion portrait back designs. Take Justin Alexander style# 8927 for instance.


Wearing a bra in a gown such as this would be very obvious and distracting to the look of the bride. To ensure the bride feels supported and still has the correct shape, seamstresses offer to sew in push-up bra cups to the bust line of brides’ gowns. This the simplest, least expensive, and most-hassle free method to give brides the look they want without the bra interfering! For gowns that are strapless and contain ample structure, such as built-in corsets or boning, brides often do not need any bra, such as in Justin Alexander style# 8915.

Lace ruffle fit and flare


The best piece of advice I would give a bride on bras is to wait until your pick up appointment or your first fitting with your seamstress to determine what kind of bra to wear with your gown on your special day!

What about underwear?

Like bras, this all depends upon the brides’ gowns. I’ve split up advice into the following two categories:

1.     Classic Gowns: These are your traditional structured a-line or ballgowns, which fit snug through a bride’s bust and waist, and then the skirt flares over her hips. Dresses with these more voluminous types of skirts allow brides to be open to their lingerie. For these gowns, brides can wear whatever they feel like! This includes styles such as a recent favorite of #realcharlottesbrides, Madison James style# MJ269.



2.     Sleek/Fitted Gowns: Very popular for the modern bride, these are your mermaid/fit n flare/sheath gowns that tend to be fitted over the hips, showing off the bride’s hour glass shape! Depending upon fabrics, such as silk crepe or satin, as well as the number of layers, this style can be very unforgiving, showing everything, including the belly button! Even gowns with relaxed a-line skirts, such as Lillian West style# 6493 will be more clingy than expected!

To create a seamless look many brides turn to non-lace thongs to give them the comfort as well as maintain the look for their more fitted styles. For the gowns fitting over one’s hips, such as Justin Alexander Signature style# 9854, brides are often turning to low-rise shapewear.



Here at Charlotte’s, we carry SPANX brand shapewear for both our brides to sample while trying on gowns as well as for purchase. Shapewear is a great tool to use to allow your fitted gowns to smoothly glide over your shape without any hiccups. Their newer low-rise options give you the support needed while leaving illusion backs and cut-outs unobscured!

Like a bride’s gown, what undergarments one wears is completely up to them! Our amazing preferred undergarment vendor, Just Like A Woman, is located in SW Portland and is there to help all brides find the comfort and support they need to be confident on their most special day! Contact Charlotte’s Weddings & More if you are in need of tips to make your wedding day extra special!

–Jennifer, Bridal Consultant

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