Bridal Separates

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Finding your perfect wedding gown is such a fun and exciting part of planning your wedding day!  It can be hard sometimes as you work to find the gown that fits your criteria, makes you feel like a bride all while remaining unique and true to your style.  That’s where the trend of bridal separates comes in!  This option allows you the ability to mix and match skirts and bodices to find you the perfect combination.  Here at Charlotte’s Weddings, we now offer a large range of options when it comes to this popular trend!

The first designer to really bring this bridal trend into the mainstream was Martina Liana, a favorite here at Charlotte’s Weddings.  First introduced in December of 2015, Martina Liana’s Together Forever separates collection took the bridal world by storm, allowing brides to create a custom look for their wedding day!  This original collection boasted 18 unique pieces with styles ranging from sleek and sexy to fun and flirty and even relaxed boho-chic.

Since their inception, the Together Forever collection has expanded to include many more pieces, with new looks being added to the collection with each bridal season.  Since then, the trend has continued to grow, adding more opportunities for brides to create flawless and special wedding day looks.  Shortly after the premiere of Martina Liana’s collection, other designers began to follow suit, and the Fall 2016 collections from other designers now includes more options for bridal separates.  Lillian West, for example, introduced a separates collection of 6 pieces that mix and match into several unique and interesting combinations for any bride’s personality.  From the free-spirited bride to the passionate romantic one, there’s a Lillian West separates combination for you!

What makes having these pieces in store even more exciting, is the opportunity to mix and match separates pieces from different designers!  With separate pieces from different designers, you have the ability to put together a look that is incredibly unique!  Taking a bodice from one designer, and combining it with a skirt from another is a great way to blend together your own customized wedding day look.

Separates are such a fun way to make your wedding day even more unique, and the perfect tool for creating a one of a kind bridal look!  This is a trend that we don’t see going anywhere anytime soon.  Set an appointment today to take a look at the endless possibilities available to you when you shop separates at Charlotte’s! Happy Shopping!

Ryann, Bridal Consultant