Where is the Perfect Place to Say “I Do”?

PeggyAfter becoming engaged, the next step is to pick the perfect venue! Finding the right venue can be a struggle. Not only do you have to take into consideration cost and how many guests the place will comfortably hold, you have to keep in mind that the venue sets the tone for your big day. So where is the perfect place to say “I do”?

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant, a couple from England, asked themselves this very question. After their engagement they began the search for the ideal place to tie the knot. After discovering that venues close to home did not suit their vision they played with the idea of travelling the world for two years to find the perfect spot for the two of them to become one.

Alex and LisaThe couple told MailOnline, “The wedding opportunities offered to us in the UK did not suit what we wanted, so we decided to look for the perfect place to wed while we travelled. After a glass of wine or two the idea grew, and we made a decision to have a small ceremony in every country we visited, with the local cultures and traditions in mind.”

For three years Alex and Lisa have been driving a 25-year old Dodge camper – “Peggy” – across the globe. They have had a small ceremony in each country they’ve travelled to. So far they have had over 60 weddings, all of which are not legally binding.

Some notable weddings include a New York wedding with Martha Stewart and a vampire wedding in Hollywood. They’ve also tangoed in Argentina, had a Candyland style wedding, and dressed up as a prince and princess for their medieval wedding in Prague!

Although Alex and Lisa have been to several countries the couple agrees that Peru has been their Perufavorite. In an interview with Asrtum People they said, “…it is difficult to choose a favorite so far but we loved the Andean ceremony in Peru for its intensity. The smells, sounds, commitments and offerings in the ceremony are all so special and make the whole occasion very touching, emotional and spiritual!”

The couple plans on picking their favorite ceremony from their adventure to repeat in 2014, but this time for real. Be sure to like their Facebook page to stay updated on where their wedding will take place!

Although Alex and Lisa took a wild journey in search of their wedding venue there is no need for you to do the same.  The perfect place to say “I do” is a matter of opinion. We are lucky enough to live in a place that offers such a wide variety of venues that it is simple to find one to fit your budget and your style. Check out http://www.portlandweddingvenues.com/ to find YOUR perfect place to tie the knot!

- Rebecca