Wedding Traditions Around the World

Not all bride’s dream of the perfect white dress.  Some picture a red dress or even a blue one.  Some brides dream of beautiful henna tattoos and cone shaped hats.  Each culture has their unique way of celebrating love and union.  Wedding traditions widely vary from country to country, especially when it comes to the bride’s attire.


A Chinese bride wears a red dress for good luck.  It is common for her to change three times throughout the day.  She’ll wear a western, white dress for the ceremony, a traditional red dress for the reception and a cocktail dress (commonly red) for the wedding banquet.


Indian weddings are lavish and filled with ritual.  The bride wears a red saree and gold jewelry. Her hands, feet and body are decorated with an artistic henna tattoo.  Sometimes the groom’s initials are hidden in the design for him to look for on the wedding night.


stpattys-styled-12Wearing a blue wedding dress in Ireland symbolizes purity.  Ancient Irish tradition says that braided hair is a sign of feminine power and good luck.  Brides who want to add an Irish flare to their wedding will often braid ribbons and flowers into their hair.


A Polynesian bride and groom wear white as a symbol of purity.  They wear leis around their neck and sometimes on their head as well.  The bride will wear white flowers while the groom will wear green leaves.  The two leis are woven together at the end of the ceremony as a reminder of their intertwined lives.


If a Spanish bride decides to wear a veil she wears a manilla.  A mantilla is a long veil that often trails several feet behind the bride.  It was everyday attire in the 17th Century and is now part of most Spanish weddings.


Kazakh brides wear a headpiece called a saukele kigizu.  It reminds the bride of the beginning of a new life.  It is a cone shaped hat that is considered a work of art.  The hat is decorated with expensive ornaments, feathers and often tulle.  Gemstones are placed on the headpiece and the edges are embroidered with beads.

Every culture celebrates unity and marriage in its’ own way.  Brides around the globe embrace all different colors and details for their wedding attire.  Some brides dream of white gowns while others dream of red but no matter what the bride is wearing she always shines with beauty on her big day!