Wedding Traditions, a Thing of the Past?

I love answering bride’s questions about weddings. One question I get asked all the time is, “Which traditions are still relevant?” Well, that is a really good question because weddings today have gotten to a point where you are not questioned if you choose to forgo common traditions.


Wearing a veil down the aisle is a tradition that dates back to Rome when brides would wear a veil to “hide” from the evil spirits who were jealous of her happiness. Strange, right? Although we are seeing some brides choose to wear a headpiece such as a flower or a tiara instead of a veil, it is certainly not a dying tradition. There is something so classic and timeless about veils. Veils often have blushers, the part that covers your face, and although blushers are the traditional route it is more common to wear a veil without the blusher.

Wearing a white dress is the most known tradition. Somewhere down the road of wedding planning all brides get told that a white wedding dress is a must. But the truth is, wearing a stark white wedding dress is a dying tradition. White can be a very harsh color to wear because of its cool, almost blue undertone. Most skin tones work better with ivory, which has a warmer undertone than white. It is also common to go with a blush or champagne colored dress. Sometimes a bride will even go with a bold, daring color such as red or black!

Having the Groom wait to see the bride’s wedding dress is a tradition that is still going strong. Although many brides, myself included, let their fiancé see the dress before the wedding the majority surprise him at the ceremony. This tradition originates from arranged marriages when people didn’t want to give the bride or groom a chance to second guess the wedding. Now, it is a sweet tradition and one that adds an element of surprise to the day.

The rhyme: something old, something new, something used, something blue is a tradition that quite a few brides still follow. The majority of brides still search for their something blue to wear on their big day. I don’t think this tradition will ever be a thing of the past because it’s a fun way to add good luck charms to your wedding attire.


Wearing a garter is a tradition that has dwindled slightly and the actual throwing of the garter is seen less and less at receptions. A lot of brides use the garter as their something blue and some say it makes them feel more like a bride. While others are finding fun and new ideas for their garter on Pinterest and Etsy.

All of these traditions are great and it really comes down to what you want to do on your big day. Weddings themselves are one of the oldest traditions, but the traditions within weddings are all about what you and your fiancé choose to incorporate into your wedding day. Happy wedding planning!