Wedding Dress Shopping Spree

Let’s be honest…  just about every girl loves a good shopping spree! But when it comes to wedding gowns, a shopping spree has the potential to make everything more complicated.  We all know how draining an entire day of shopping can be. A full day of wedding dress shopping intensifies that fatigued feeling because you’re not just simply combing through the racks, you’re trying on wedding dresses and deciding whether or not you can see yourself getting married in that gown. The process of choosing the wedding gown of your dreams, while enchanting, is also physically and emotionally exhausting.

Often times, we see brides that have scheduled multiple appointments in one day. And when I say multiple, I mean four or five. Not only does this make for an inevitably exhausting day, but the danger in it is that all of the dresses will blend together and nothing stands out. By the time you get to your fifth appointment, you don’t necessarily remember any of the dresses from your first appointment!

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the most exciting moments that many brides dream about from the time they are little girls. You want this time to be fun, not stressful. When brides come in and it is their fifth appointment of the day, they are too tired to be excited about a dress. I often hear these brides say, “I love this one, but what if there is another dress out there that I am going to love more?” When you find a dress that you love, stop shopping. I’ll say it one more time: stop shopping! Because the chances are that continuing to shop will just confuse you. 

When it comes down to it, there are so many wedding dresses out there. At Charlotte’s alone we have over 500 wedding gowns and our selection is diverse. If you have the mindset of needing to see every gown at every store, your experience will be more stressful than personalized to you. Consultants at Charlotte’s take the time to interview you about your wedding, what kinds of dresses your looking for, fabrics, styles, etc., in order to get a full vision of your day. We pick gowns for you that fit with what you want and with what we think will match your vision and your style. Make an appointment with us today and we’ll personalize your experience and find you the dress you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl. :)