Wedding Day Accessories: Alternatives to the Traditional Veil

birdcage veilAs a bridal consultant, part of my job after the bride finds her perfect dress is to ask her about accessories. After asking if she wants to try the dress on with a veil, the most common response seems to be: do I have to wear a veil? The answer to this question is “Absolutely Not!” It is your wedding day and therefore your choice of how you want to accessorize your dress.  There are no rules anymore when it comes to the bride’s ensemble! Although many brides still love the look of a traditional veil, there are now more ways than ever to show off your personal style with unique wedding day hair accessories. I’m going to share just a few of the endless possibilities you have when deciding what to wear on your head on your big day. :)

The Birdcage Veil

The birdcage veil is perfect for the “vintage chic” bride. Birdcages have been a making a trendy comeback over the last few years. They have a simple yet sultry look to them and are easy to wear throughout the whole ceremony and reception. An extra plus is that the birdcage is also known for bringing out the eyes, so great makeup is essential!

Flowersflower braide

Wearing flowers in your hair is totally on trend with the widely popular Bohemian-themed wedding. Flowers work in any simple, romantic wedding. Having just one flower in your hair is perfect for a simple beach or spring wedding. You can also go more elaborate and stick to the bohemian theme by wearing a flower wreath or headband, or weaving them in an elegant braid or updo.


Hairpins are a simple, understated accessory, easily added to any hairstyle. They are a must if you are planning to do an up-do, but also look great in loose flowing waves. They add an elegant feel to any hairstyle without overpowering the rest of your accessories.  Hairpins are perfect  for any bride that wants to add a little something to her hair without taking focus away from the dress.


Every princess bride needs a tiara!  But if a tiara is a little too much for you, how about a more modern headband?  These can be used as a major statement piece with a chunky, blingy style, or just another simple addition to your hairstyle with a thiner band, maybe with some crystals and/or pearls.

All of these hair accessories can be worn with a veil for the ceremony, or they can stand alone if you’d prefer to go the simpler or less traditional route and forego the veil.  The choice is yours!  Wether you’re still looking for the perfect dress or just the perfect accessories, we’re here to help at Charlotte’s Weddings!  Schedule an appointment today and we’ll help you put together the perfect look for your wedding. :)