Unique Ways to Decorate the Getaway Car

As a member of the bridal party, decorating the getaway car is normally one of your wedding duties.  We’ve all heard of the traditional train of cans and “Just Hitched” scribbled in soap on the back window.  But with the frenzy of Pinterest, people are finding more creative and unique ways to decorate the car.white car


You don’t want to use materials that will damage the car’s finish.  The avoid-at-all-costs list includes spray paint, whipped cream (anything containing sugar will ruin the paint) and masking tape.  Also, remember that tin cans will spark against pavement, which may be dangerous (and it’s even illegal in some states).

What can you use?  Attach plastic soda bottles or streamers to the rear bumper.  You can also tie streamers to the antenna and front bumper and attach flowers made of streamers to the car’s roof.  But remember not to use any type of tape that will pull off paint!  Stick with Scotch tape and don’t be surprised if some décor flies off as the couple drive away.

You can use white shoe polish to write messages on the car’s windows.  Some people like to stick with the traditional, “Just Married,” but you can get a little more creative with, “Just Hitched,” “Finally Hitched,” “Tied the Knot,” “Lovebirds” or “Old Married Couple.”  Another option is to use bar soap or shaving cream.  For a darker colored car, write on the body of the car itself instead of the windows.  Just make sure to use shaving cream or bar soap, not shoe polish!

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Here are a few new ideas that can help set the car you decorate apart.  Try creating a tulle wrap on the hood of the car that goes up and over the car’s roof. This can add a soft and fun flare.  But if you want to add a little more decor, use flowers and other small decorations to dress the car up.

Another option is to find temporary car decals.  These will add interest all of the way around the car. Decals can also be seen from far away and will add more color to a sometimes plain car.bug

Or you could go all out and completely cover the getaway car in flowers.  This car is covered in Gerber daisies.  An option sure to be a show stopper and one that most people have never seen before!

Any decorating you do will be unique and memorable to the bride and groom no matter what you choose.  So have fun and be creative!