Unique, Creative and Handmade; a 21st Century Wedding

On June 1st of last year, I attended my first wedding in many years. The wedding I had been to before that I was a flower girl in. Oh how times have definitely changed in the wedding/bridal world.

In today’s technologically advanced environment, we have the wonderful website/app Pinterest, and the online “pin board,” which is a widely used tool for brides when planning their wedding. The wedding I attended last summer was that of my cousin Vance, and his fiancé Lori, who is now his beautiful wife of just over a year. Lori took full advantage of Pinterest and used it to find DIY tutorials to create almost all the décor at her ceremony as well as her reception.

Bride and Groom Couple photo, white sheer cloth blowing in wind

As a bride on a budget Lori along with the help of her family and friends, created beautiful decorations, favors for her guests and a unique Polaroid photo guest book display. With recycled wine bottles, candleholders were created for centerpieces at the reception. Tissue paper was used multiple times to create “flower poms,” used to decorate tables, to create aisle runners and cake pop displays. For the Polaroid photo guest book display, Lori had found a painting that corresponded with the floral theme. It also included the coral, yellow and peach colors that she had chosen for her wedding colors. Rows of ribbon were strung across the painting to create a place to hang the Polaroid photos of her guests that were taken as they arrived at the reception. The photos were hung with tiny clothespins, decorated with resin flowers. Guests were given pens to write congratulatory messages and best wishes filled with love for the bride and groom on top of their photos.

Polaroid Wedding Photo Gallery

Lori also enlisted the help of her creative friends, a graphic designer and a jewelry designer. The graphic designer designed all of the stationary for Vance and Lori’s wedding. This included everything from wedding invitations, table numbers, tags on the guest favors and save-the-dates. One of the cutest things that she created, were the cartoon characters of Vance and Lori that were seen on their invitations and save-the-dates. She captured Vance and Lori to a tee and her caricatures were definitely something to remember. Lori’s other creative recruit designed her one-of-a-kind rose gold wedding band.

Aside from the unique DIY decorations, stationary and wedding band, another special aspect of Vance and Lori’s wedding was the way they showed up to their ceremony. Their ceremony was held outdoors, right off of the beach at the Kahala Hotel and Resort on the island of O‘ahu in Hawai‘i. A common interest that Vance and Lori share is their passion for paddling canoes. When they were living in the Pacific Northwest they both were part of a paddling club in Washington. They surprised all of their wedding guests by actually paddling in together from the water to the shore to arrive at their ceremony, complete with Lori in her wedding gown and Vance in his button-up shirt and slacks.

Bride and Groom in Cute Boat Groom Carrying Bride In Wedding Dress  Across Beach

From the handmade décor, to the unique ceremony entrance, Vance and Lori’s wedding is definitely one to remember. I hope you can use some of the ideas from their wedding to make yours just as unique and memorable!